Rumpus Tiki cocktail bar

Please help us to open an authentic Tiki Cocktail Bar in the heart of London within the next three months and take your benefit

We did it!

On 11th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £30 with 2 supporters in 21 days



About the Tiki Culture

Tiki Culture is all about living the good life the way the cocktail set did back in the day; listening to the sounds of Exotica music and waves crashing on an island shore while sipping an exotic cocktail under a palm tree, and taking it nice and easy, even if you’re a thousand miles away from the nearest tropical island. Isn’t it the best way to release the stress after a long day at work? Well, for many of us it sounds perfect. But there is only one problem, there isn’t any real authentic Tiki Bar in London yet. Our dream is to bring the sunshine a few yards away from your doorstep.

About the Team

We are two passionate young men who grown up together in a tiny village in the North-East of Hungary. We had a dream that nobody believed. We wanted to explore the world; we wanted to fly with the eagles; we wanted to walk on roads that nobody walked on before. However, the adults around us wanted to tie a rope to our ankles, a rope that was made of fear and worrying. Our only support was the cinema where we’ve seen our dreams coming true. One day we have seen a movie that has changed our life forever. It was the Cocktail with Tom Cruise. We were not able to think about anything but that film. We have made a promise to each other 15 years ago: We’ll never give up.

And here we are… We have kept our promise.

What we want

We both have a long journey behind our back. We have studied in noted hospitality schools; we have worked in several countries to learn everything that we need to open our cocktail bar that we were dreaming about as kids.

A few months ago we came across with a post on one of the social media site about a Cocktail Bar in Budapest. We were shocked and amazed. Our dream came alive by somebody else. We have made a call immediately to the owner and what a surprise; the owner was one of our mates from the Bols Bartender Academy. When we told him that we are in London, he offered his support instantly. He’ll give the brand, the recipes, and the design.

We are only one step away from our dream. We have already found the perfect place as well as an investor by a broker company, called Sardison Group, who’ll support us through the journey. We are so close to reaching our dream. However, the only barrier is the money. We rely on your generosity to start on this project.

We are not asking your help for free! All our supporters will be invited to the opening day and can have a delicious tropical tiki cocktail on the house, plus your bonus which is depends on the value of the pledge you'll choose.

Where will the money go?

  • £ 15 000: We have to pay 3% success fee for the Sardison Group. Unfortunately this amount cannot be paid from the funding
  • £ 1000: Solicitor fee to make the contract with the investor
  • £ 50 000: We should have 10% of the credit deductibles

Our savings all together is £ 30 000.

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