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To provide a portable ultrasound for SARS team responders enabling them to identify life-threatening conditions as quickly as possible.

by Suffolk Accident Rescue Service in Woolpit, England, United Kingdom

All SARS responders volunteer in their spare time, without payment. They have provided life-saving treatment to thousands of patients all at no cost to the patient or the tax-payer. This is a small group of passionate and skilled clinicians who have a big impact on the patients they treat.

SARS volunteer responders regularly attend trauma calls and road collisions where patients have sustained abdominal injuries. This type of injury can unfortunately be a frequent cause of early fatality. However with a portable ultrasound our responders would be able to scan patients at the roadside to detect early signs of internal bleeding. This early detection plays a vital role in the management and eventual outcome of these patients. The ultrasound can detect internal bleeding in many locations such as the liver, kidney, spleen, heart and lungs. Early diagnosis will help our responders focus treatment and inform the receiving hospital of any important resources they need to allocate for the incoming trauma or medical patient. Swift diagnosis is crucial in these time-critical situations - a portable scanner will enable this to take place and aid precise medical interventions thereby giving the patient the best possible chance of survival before they reach hospital.

This piece of equipment will save lives.

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