Eco Blasting

Eco Blasting

Dry Ice blasting. Eco friendly, No preparation required prior to cleaning, Minimal machine downtime, No secondary residue.

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In France, traditonal sandblasting is carried on most renovations of old properties and wood work. This not only creates a secondary mess,  but can cause damage to the material you are blasting. It is also not eco friendly.

Advantages of dry ice blasting.

No Preparation required prior to cleaning no need to disassemble machines for cleaning. The pellets easily reach into ven the smallest nooks and crannies.

Minimal machine downtimes thanks to fast and effective ing with dry ice.

Enviromentally-friendly cleaning without additional chemicals or spray agents.

Surfaces are not damaged

Types of use Old buildings, Fire places, Food industries, Automotive industry, Boating Industry and cleaning of War memorials to name a few. The list goes on.

No residue dry ice sublimates completely to co2. There are no residues such as abrasives or water wast.

Offering builders and companies this moble specalist service, will not only take business away from traditional sandblasters, but will open up new avenues all under one business. My aim is to cover all areas of France and the UK using tradition sandblasting and dry ice blasting. We would offer franchises and full training once the business is up and running and generating an income.

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