CHAMPATEA: Be The Mountain

Restoring mountain cloud forest through native wild harvested tea.

We did it!

On 25th Jun 2018 we successfully raised £30,605 of £18,000 target with 66 supporters in 63 days

New stretch target

With this amount of funding we can train additional rangers and volunteers, double our educational workshop activity and build our own herb drying facility at Champaqui.



We really do produce tea in order to plant trees.

It's a little more complex than that, but not by much.

Our first funding target is £18k. With this we can sustain our forest regeneration work for one whole year, planting 1000's of trees and performing multiple educational programs. We will also be able to harvest another small batch of wild herbs to continue making  Champatea.

Your purchase of this tea directly helps us plant trees. In fact each box equates to one tree re-planted on Champaqui Mountain. And we aren’t just talking about any old tree. 

The Tabaquillo Tree is native to high altitude regions of central Argentina and plays a major role in the water cycle. These trees are nature’s true alchemists. Mountain forests collect moisture from rain and mist, replenishing clean water systems and sustaining all life - Milking The Clouds. However decades of cattle farming, deforestation and forest fires have removed vast Tabaquillo forests and severely damaged the ecosystem. Without them rainwater has no way to be stored,  filtered or redistributed but instead contributes to flooding and soil erosion. Without these trees our wild herbs would not grow in abundance and there would be no such thing as Champatea.


We harvest a selection of wild herbs that grow on the west slopes of Champaquí Mountain in central Argentina, a place of outstanding natural beauty and environmental significance. Home to ancient 'cloud forests' that not only provide habitat to giant condors, white eagles and pumas but are also the source of pristine water that serves millions of people.




Our unique blend of wild herbs have been used medicinally by locals in the Córdoba region of Argentina for millennia and will make you feel invigorated, energised and calm. Their medicinal qualities are well known by some, however this knowledge and environment is in danger of  being lost.


The wild herbs that we use in Champatea are harvested by hand by local gaucho families. These mountain herbs are located on slopes only accessible by mule or horseback.  Expertise such as best growing areas, sustainable harvesting methods and harvest timings have been passed down from generation to generation.


We have created a limited edition run of 1000 Champatea collectable tins and want you to be the first people to have one. All profits from sales of our tea and the proceeds of this Crowdfunder campaign will go toward our work on Champaquí Mountain and surrounding areas. 



Our mission is to restore  damaged 'cloud forest' and educate local communities to the importance of this environment and the value of native plants. We do this by working in unison with the registered charities TreeAngle Foundation (UK) & Foundation of Biospheric Activities (Argentina) who plant thousands of native trees (tabaquillos - Polylepis australis & white mesquite - Prosopis albae) in strategic mountain locations.



With your support we are helping to protect the water sources and biodiversity at the South border of the biggest natural reserve of Córdoba province, Central Argentina.

All of Champatea’s profit and all proceeds of this campaign goes to The Treeangle Foundation and funds the planting of thousands of Tabaquillo trees on Champaquí Mountain each year. TreeAngle also run educational programs in local schools where pupils also germinate our Tabaquillo seeds, turning them into seedlings throughout the year, ready to be planted in January/February.


  • TreeAngle have  been planting for several years and have to date planted over 17,000 Tabaquillo trees.
  • To date over 200 educational workshops have been completed in The Traslasierra Valley rural schools.
  • TreeAngle have helped to create and manage a natural reserve of 1000 hectares on Champaqui Mountain


We are raising money to kick start CHAMPATEA as a self propelling mechanism that enables Champaqui mountain reserve to become self sustainable. 

Your support can help us:

  • Harvest

    • Commence and complete the 2018 harvest of wild mountain herbs
  • Pack at source

    • Pack our retail ready 'loose leaf' tea at our own facility in the foothills of Champaqui
  • Restore Champaqui

    • Plant thousands more tabaquillo trees in 2019
  • Educate & Inspire

    • Increase educational workshops and communication within the community


Our prototype refill packs in two varieties: Traditional Blend and Altitude Blend. With your help we can pack these in Champaqui.


We hope that you can support our mission by enjoying our tea, buy a box and connect with Champaqui Mountain. If you really want to get stuck in you can come and join us on our next planting and harvesting expedition where you will become part of the Champateam.

Even if you can't contribute financially you can be a big help by sharing our story and campaign with friends.

We are very grateful to you for reading this far...we hope you like what we are doing and can join us.


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