Actifan Fire & Gas Safety Project

Actifan: A new life saving respondent to smoke & gas detectors & the latest development in Fire & Gas Safety

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The home truth about fire & gas safety,  is that suffocation  & ashphyxiation from smoke or gas account for by far the most fatalities in such emergencies.      So although fire escapes, extinguishers,  & alarms are all crucially important,  doesn't  it  seems odd that there are no recommended safety precautions to combat smoke or gas asphyxiation?    Its just another question mark at a time when Grenfell Towers tragedy has woken us all up to appauling  gaps in tower block fire safety regulations.  So it may be of little surprise  that  building regulations presently stipulate nothing at all to combat smoke & gas asphyxiation but the possibility of escape. 

Though one thing's for sure.  Whilst we speak, people are taking action.  Councils,  schools & hospitals are all taking action to put  lives first.   Re-assessing & evaluating their buildings'  fire safety strategies,  & in several cases  having evacuated tower blocks  where residents are thought to be at unacceptable risk.  

The war on fire & gas safety failings is on,  & the Actifan project is on the front line.

Actifan is  the  new  fire & gas  safety precaution  expressly to prevent asphyxiation from smoke or gas.   Residents, occupants & landlords will be able to buy,  retrofit  &  better protect those who are vulnerabe, disabled  or trapped by fire whilst awaiting rescue from the emergency services.

 Simpy put,   Actifan is a smarter extractor fan  which opens the window in response to fire & gas alarms, extracting smoke, gas or  noxious fumes.   It's  the first ever device of its kind,   & responds to any brand of fire or gas alarms.    It's a  twice patented  UK invention & this year awarded as a finalist in Suffolk University's Collaborative  Innovation Awards,  Boston, USA.  

 During a fire or when there's  a gas leak,  Actifan will open a window (or windows) & constantly exhaust thick smoke, carbon monoxide or volatile gas from the building,  protecting people from smoke or poisonous gas asphyxiation  & volatile gas explosions.  

Actifan's proactive response to alarm systems can prolong the lives of anyone trapped in a fire & exhaust invisible killer gases out of a window before they cause fatalities.

Actifan is not only a fire & gas safety precaution for homes, busineses, laboratories & just about anywhere with  hinging windows.   It also provides thermostatic  window control & rain closure for sloping windows.  These are  amongst other great features expressly developed for attic  bedrooms,  where heat tends to gather & fresh air is at a premium.    Though dense smoke rising & spreading in a fire is the principal  incentive to  install or retrofit Actifan,  when it becomes the life saving respondent to an effective alarm system.

What Actifan actually does is called PSHEV,  short for 'powered smoke & heat exhaust ventilation',  already a recognised fire safety precaution in larger buildings & an important safety measure aiding the fire brigade.   Now,  for the first time,  Actifan is bringing  PSHEV into homes & smaller buildings without expensive structural alterations. There's simply no need for cumbersome exterior wall vents or ducting,   because Actifan exhausts directly from an average window opening.   In a  fire scenario,  the room inside is redefined a smokeless zone & temporary refuge.   

Its a huge step in making domestic premises into safer places, &  an additional  compelling incentive for the wider spread installation of smoke & gas alarms.

 We'd like you to visit the  dedicated Actifan website  where you will find all the information  you need for a full overview of Actifan.    Please go to:  where there is also a new  page to remember the Grenfell Towers  disaster.

Multi-storey residential buildings are actually  prime candidates  for  Actifan installations, where protecting the occupants of independent apartments  from smoke asphyxiation  whilst awaiting rescue will help save lives.



Our funding target is based on a costing to  manufacture 2000 Actifan sets.  This is  the least number of sets that can be made economically.     The Actifan casing's   'injection mold' cost,   (which is the pricipal manufacturing tool to be made),  is around  £40,000.     The Actifan  set, comprising window mechanism;  UPS power supply;  alarm listener module; rain sensor  (Mk1 only);   &  remote control come in at under  £250 each set, whilst the minimum order is 2000 sets or more.

This  is without question a formidable investment programme.   Its going to take philanthropists & those larger scale investors who can visualise the mega scale of the potential market.  But also those with less to invest who simply visualise the number of lives this device will save over time.     Everyone making pledges will be rewarded with cost price  Actifan sets on  a scale in keeping with their pledge.  Other agreements which subscribe to Actifan's mass production &/or installation are open to discussion, so just contact us  about anything you have in mind.  

Actifan is patented, has no competators & a worldwide marketplace, so the sky's the limit.

You may be a landlord, or in social housing   (Actifan was developed at the Bridge Housing Trust) & be thinking of Actifan being installed throughout your housing stock.  We need investors who want multiple installations & therefore we offer you all Actifan sets at cost price with special arrangements for social landlords & local government currently advertised in the National Housing Federation's online directory & our website.   We will also offer installation & maintenance throughout the UK in order to manage your multiple installations more easily.

Or perhaps you're a member of the council wishing to provide better fire safety in buildings owned or operated by local government or ALMOs.   We need your investment & suppport to raise awareness.  We share your examplary goals to bring council tenants & civil servants better fire & gas safety & have included you in the special deal for social housing providers.    In fact we were contacted on the 4th July 2017 by   the Prime Minister's  office,  who are passing  on the details of Actifan to the Department for Communities & Local Government.    So please spread the word  & circulate our website address &/or  the Actifan Crowdfunder appeal amongst your friends & colleagues.


I  co-ordinated Actifan prototying amongst  an international group of manufacturing companies I found for myself through Alibaba trade directories.  The Actifan development took  about 6 years in all.  

In the process I applied for  & received two  UK patents which protect Actifan's design & it's unique response to smoke & gas alarms.      We later finished up with 10 or so top rate companies who make the different Actifan components & are ready for mass production;   Plus a unique twice patented life saving product ready for introduction to the marketplace.


If you have any questions,  I am available anytime before 9pm 7 days a week.  Please find my contact details on the Actifan website or message me through Crowdfunder.    You may be connected to other manufacturers who'd like to team up with Actifan,  for instance alarm manufacturers.   We're ready to deal with anyone who can help get Actifan installed in homes & begin to save lives.  

Those making significant pledges or noteable contributions will be awarded honourory patronage  for subscribing to Actifan fire & gas safety.  These may be individuals, companies or organisations who will be known to us as the Actifan Patrons.

A list of our Patrons & benefactors may also be widely publisized &  recognised  later for their contribution to  fire & gas safety.   However,  the privacy of those wishing to remain anonymous will be strictly  respected.

So don't hesitate to get in touch,  & thank you for considering a pledge.