Supporting the Pony Centre during Covid 19

by Sister Mary-Joy in London, England, United Kingdom



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The Pony Centre relies on its income to function. We now need help ensuring we can keep the horses fed with bedding during this time

by Sister Mary-Joy in London, England, United Kingdom

With no income, and no way of getting deliveries to our pony centre, we need help.

Firstly, to help us move as many of the animals as possible to fields.  We need help with the cost of transport and any costs of keeping and feeding the horses while they are away.

And we need a way to keep paying for feed and bedding for those that need to remain at the pony centre.  Plus have enough for when the horses coming back but we still aren't bringing in income.

We want to keep our staff.    By helping us with these costs, we can continue to pay our staff so that they can remain in their jobs during this time

Our aim is to continue offering equine therapy to everyone as soon as we can.

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