Wrongly Accused
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I’m trying too raise money for a solicitor fees too fight my case I truly believe in

by Martin Perry in Hassocks, England, United Kingdom

I’m Martin 

I’m a supper worker 

My full time job is in a residential home working with people with disabilities and learning and challenging behaviour .i also drive and take these young people out on a daily basis .

I  I truly care for each and every single individual.I work hard live peacefully alone with my cat Alice in a quiet West Sussex Village .

The reason I’m asking for help I will explain . 10 months ago some neighbours moved into a flat in this area both have cars . There a young couple but saying hello is not there thing . My road is narrow and not many parking spaces for me when I finish work at 10pm  and can not park outside my home I just park around the corner .its never been a problem too me . But I noticed it’s a problem for these people . I’ve held a clean licence with no points or convictions for 27 years .

It all started 1 late night in Feb 2019 I was parking my car up and noticed a lad bobbing down at the back of my car . I got out I said what are you doing he said you have just gone into my car . I said rubbish I did not and went back into my flat . A few months later I get a letter from the police that I’d gone into a car and smashed number plate . It was the girlfriends car . Luckily I was on an early shift  at the time of the so called incident a total lie. 

Ever since these false accusations I’ve just tried too keep my vehicle away from there’s as much as possible.

But on the hottest day of the year the 29th June things took a turn for the worse . My elderly lovely neighbours and a friend of mine  were asked at 6.30 if we’d like too sit in the garden and have a barbecue. It was still hot I’d had 2 small glasses wine topped up with lots of ice I’m not a drinker . I tried a sup they offered me of this cider I said yuk . Then has I poured a little more wine into my glass I knocked it over onto my friends cigarettes. I said I will drive around too the shop which I did . Whilst driving down my street just about too Park I hit the wing mirror off the bf car it was hanging and left a black mark on my car . Next minute I heard shouting down the road from there upstairs window . I thought o no I dashed into my flat poured myself a very large glass of Vodka and coke for my nerves and a wet rag too clean the black mark off my car . I then went back outside . I’m not a confrontational person the bf looked at the damage and said a few words but not aggressively I confessed and offered too pay them the damage . But the girlfriend was shouting and swearing at me in the street really getting close up too my face 15 minutes of this abuse . She then said o I can smell alcohol on your breath I said yes I’ve just had a drink . Then in her words she said I’m calling the police . I said why ? Why take it so far like this . I’m a quiet guy do nothing wrong I work hard look after young disabled people I drive and also use my car for work . She said I I’m not bothered what you do in a swearing tone The police attended after 10 minutes questioned me asked if I had a drink within 20 minutes I said no which is true . By this stage my friend and neighbours came out looking for me has I’d been gone 40 minted and became worried .

Then the police breathalyse me on the street and I was arrested and taken into custody. I was there all night had a low reading of 52 I pleaded guilty I just didn’t no what too do . 

I went too court on Monday 15th July . Spoke with the duty solicitor and having received professional advice I decided too plead not guilty . 

When the magistrate asked my plea all I could think about was my private client and also the young people I drive around .But also in the back of my mind I could here this woman’s voice saying Im not bothered what you do . But I care a great deal about my residents . The magistrate adjourned my case for trial she allowed me too keep my licence until my court date in September.

I need a strong solicitor I’m on a low salary and do not qualify for legal aid .

I must fight this for the young people I care for I wasn’t drink driving 

After the incident on the 29th June staying in the cells all night too be interviewed. The following day when I came home they laughed at me in the street and he’d turned his car around too show me wing mirror was repaired. They were given my insurance details .On Monday 1st July I drive too tell both employers. Which went fine both supported me . Has I drove back home into the village the woman noticed me in my car and started filming me for what and using her phone whilst driving . Not only she could have ruined my career but also my car and home just over her bf wing mirror damage . 

I called 101 who sent out two PCO out the following day I told them I want her too stop filming me they went too see her . After 5 minutes the PCO came back too see me now she was asking for money for wing mirror damaged . I said ridiculous look how much damage has been done too me . My insurance company won’t pay out . Because they can not produce the evidence.

Why are some people so cruel in life and won’t too destroy other people’s happiness 

I’m on trail in September I’m worried sad having sleepless nights yet I’m still going too work caring for these young people 

Please look in your hearts if you could kindly help me raise my funds for my case 

Many Thanks  

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