Writing trips for those with mental health issues

Writing trips for those with mental health issues

To help those who suffer from mental health issues at a coastal retreat where they can express themselves through writing stories and poetry

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As a mental health support worker and local writer, I am aware of the value of discovering an inner voice and expressing a person's feelings to aid the recovery process and treatment of mental health issues.

Poetry and short stories can also give light to those at the start of their recovery when shared to others and their families. There is still such a stigma about mental health issues which causes isolation for both the individual who is suffering, and those who support them.

As a former journalist, and now an experienced mental health support worker, I want to start a series of writing workshops to help with recovery.

These workshops will be free to individuals, and accommodation will be provided as well. Individuals from across the country will be able to access the service.

The target set for this crowdfunding project, will be able to provide 18 people with this service. The more raised, the more people we can help.

Everyone can be affected by a mental health problem at any time. Mental health does not discriminate, but society does.  So whether someone is suffering from depression, an eating disorder, OCD or PTSD, please help me to give them a new skill and make new friends. 

Accommodation will be provided in secure holiday flats with full facilities. I will lead the workshops and I am DBS checked,