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Writing Blitz

I need help completing a variety of writing projects and seeing them through to publication

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On 2nd Feb 2015 we successfully raised £530 of £500 target with 11 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Overfunding this project will be hugely useful to me.  The additional funds will give me a better chance of completing more of the titles, and will allow me to purchase the software to produce the ebooks myself (a better option than having the online retailers doing this).  All the funds help reduce my need to find other work whilst finishing the writing, so the more funding I have, the longer I can dedicate myself to the projects listed here, and other projects I have planned for later on.

I need help completing my current writing projects and seeing them through to publication


Over the last couple of years I have been researching and writing a variety of books, some of which are at final draft stage, others are still thoughts scribbled onto a scrap of paper.  Because of my unpaid academic studies, I have been unable to prioritise the writing.  Now the PhD is drawing to a close, I have the time to get back into writing again, and to complete these projects. However, as a poor writer (as befits the breed), I am appling for crowdfunding to allow me the time to focus on getting these books wrapped-up and launched.


Here are some of the projects I am working on:


The Science of Running Fitness (working title).

This a 6-volume book at final draft stage.  I am ready to submit this to potential agents and publishers.  In the meantime, I want to buy images and format the text for publication as an e-book.


The Real Adventurers (working title).

This is a children's book series, to encourage younger people to spend more time being active outdoors.  I have completed a draft for younger children, and have produced a chapter for a book for older children.  Hence, I need time to complete the older children's book, before it can be submitted to potential agents and publishers.


Simple Steps to Fat Loss (working title).

Continuing on from Human Evolution, Diet and Health, and Our Natural Diet, this will be an easy to follow guide for those wanting a long-term, weight-loss solution.  The structure of this book has been decided, but content has not yet been produced.


Advanced Nutrition for Endurance Athletes (working title).

Following on from a chapter in The Science of Running Fitness, this book is based on a considerable volume of scientific research.  The focus is on all sources of fatigue (central nervous system and muscular), and how nutrition can help delay or prevent fatigue, in order to promote performance.  I have completed the research for this book, but will need a few months to collate the findings, write out in chapters, and update prior to a final draft.


I Don't Know What I'm Doing Anymore: 2 Years of Trading Work for Adventure (working title).

This book is about my personal journey from full-time academic lecturer and PhD researcher, to full-time adventurer and endurance athlete.  It includes details of races, support roles and adventures in the UK, Europe, northern Canada and the Scandinavian Arctic, a 6-week journey across Europe and 2 months in India.  Almost all travels were on a shoestring budget, with a few anxious moments of emergency fund-raising or else arriving abroad without cash.  There are many adventurers out there, and we have all found ways to leave work behind in favour of a lifestyle we feel is in our better interests.  This is my story.  I have written notes and some content, but I still need a few months before I can produce a good final draft.


The Science of Muscles

This book will be based largely upon my PhD studies and research.  It will be an introduction to the anatomy and physiology of muscles, including their development and adaptations throughout life.  Adaptations to exercise, pain and injury will also be covered, including their relationship with the nervous system.  All aspects of muscle physiology will be included, such as nutrition, fat deposition and genetics.  I have completed the literature review for my PhD, but need time to adapt the content for a book, and to research and integrate a broader range of information.


I am hoping for crowdfunding to allow me to complete these projects, and to have them ready to send to potential agents and publishers.  Once they are ready to produce as ebooks, I will publish them online and the funds generated should help cover remaining costs.

I will be happy to send signed, draft chapters to those who support me.  These will be unique and 'unfinished', which will mean they are both unique and terrible at the same time.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.


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