Writer's Diary & Planner 2019

by Charlie, Urban Writers' Retreat in London, England, United Kingdom

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A 2019 diary and planner designed with writers in mind. Stop procrastinating, start writing!

by Charlie, Urban Writers' Retreat in London, England, United Kingdom

The crowdfunder has now closed, but it's not too late! I still have some copies of the diary left, and you can get them here: http://www.urbanwritersretreat.co.uk/writers-diary-planner/

Designed to help you write

We've had enough.

Enough of letting our writing dreams slide because there are more 'important' things to do. Of reaching the end of each year frustrated because we're going nowhere. Of feeling like being a 'real' writer (whatever that means) is a million miles away and we should just give it up already.

Even people who write full-time as a job find it hard sometimes to prioritise actually sitting down and writing. There are always things to be done that seem more urgent, less selfish, easier, quicker, less... difficult.

This planner helps you to put writing at the centre of your year and keep it there. Get inspired, figure out what works for you, and use simple tools to help keep you on track and make writing a priority in 2019. It could be your best year of writing yet... 

A note on donation vs rewards

If you want to actually get a copy of the planner, please make sure you choose one of the rewards on the right, rather than clicking the donate button! (Also, take a peek at my note on crowdfunder's 'tip' request in the FAQ.)

For any writer

It contains a simple system designed to support any writer: from first-time dabblers to award-winners, for fiction and non-fiction writers. 

It does that by focusing on YOU, on what you want to write and the routines that work best for you. 

Dream big and set goals

*I don't have final samples yet, but these pictures will show you what's inside and I'll update them when I can.

You'll start by looking back over 2018 and reviewing your writing year, celebrating what you've achieved and identifying areas of frustration.

Then you'll get clear on what you really want by exploring your writing dreams, and turn them into clear goals that really inspire you. 

Examine your mindsets and habits

It's very easy to make plans, but it's how you act on a day-to-day level that affects whether or not you get there.

My favourite sneaky superpower section helps you to look at what you need to do, think or change (or stop doing) in order to reach those dreams.

Make it all feel manageable

Once you've got your goals, the planner helps you to break them down into manageable, realistic chunks that stop those big goals feeling overwhelming.

You'll revisit these as the year progresses to make sure they're working for you, not stressing you out.

Watch your progress mount up (even when it's not actual writing)

The writing tracker is entirely flexible. You count using whatever metric works for you, whether that's word count, lines written, pages edited, plot points mapped or even chapters read. 

The best thing is you can change at any time - just mark each week as you go with any writing-related activity. You get the satisfaction of seeing your progress across the year, which helps you to feel more productive and creative and want to do more.

Prioritise writing every week

Every week there's a quick, super-simple intention-setting exercise so your writing goals are always in front of you, and you're clear on the next small steps to take.

I asked 100 writers what style of diary was best, and you overwhelmingly voted for a week-to-view layout, with a few requests for maximum writing space. So that's what we've got.

Celebrate & adapt

Every month you'll take a few minutes to review your writing life, celebrating the successes, making tweaks to your routine and checking in with your goals.

Feeling on top of things makes you feel great, so regular reviews give you the chance to both appreciate your progress and make sure your goals are working for you.

Writerly extras & freebies

There are charts to help you keep track of writing projects, a home for new ideas so you don't forget them and some ideas to help you get started with writing. 

Because the diary is designed for all types of writer the focus is on tools that everyone will be able to use, but you'll also be able to download and print free extras like a NaNoWriMo tracker, a books lent/borrowed page and a submissions tracker.

Plenty of space

One thing that writers asked me for was plenty of space for notes and ideas.

There are extra notes pages every month and plenty at the back in a combination of dots, lines and blank pages.

Maximum flexibility

Don't use a diary but still want all the tools? Use the diary section to keep a mini journal, to store inspiration, or to note what you'll write in your next sess

The tools are all designed to be adaptable for any kind of writer. 

The Clark Kent of diaries

This looks like a plain black hardback book or diary. Its superpowers are hidden so that you never have the embarassement of getting your diary out in front of the boss who doesn't know you're writing secretly at work, or confessing your erotica writing sideline to great-aunt Hilda. 

Simplicity and subtlety

The planner looks like a plain black hardback book or diary, because library chic is cool. It's A5 (by far the most popular choice in our survey) with a soft-touch matt black cover, 80gsm white paper and a ribbon to mark the current page. There are year-to-view calendars for 2019 and 2020 to help you plan, and a monthly calendar sits at the front of each month, where it's most useful.


As well as being able to download and print free extras like pretty quote inserts, a NaNoWriMo tracker, a books lent/borrowed page and a submissions tracker, everyone who orders a planner will receive a bookmark, with a quote that's dear to my writerly heart. I'll also be running a free video workshop to go through the planning process with you.


About Urban Writers' Retreat

Hey, I'm Charlie. I set up Urban Writers' Retreat in 2008 to help writers to sit down and, well, actually write, through writing retreats that give you time and space to focus, online courses and other tools.

It's easy to feel adrift, like you're never getting anywhere, and every year that passes feeling this way is another year wasted. This diary is an extension of an annual planner for writers that I've been making for the last few years, and which writers tell me they love. I wanted to supercharge that process into a diary that will help me - and you -finally stop putting it off, make writing a priority and keep motivated year-round. 

Find out more at www.urbanwritersretreat.co.uk

Twitter: @urbanwriters

Instagram: @urbanwritersretreat

Facebook: @urbanwritersretreat



What if the project doesn't get fully funded?

Don't worry! The diaries are definitely going ahead, so even if we don't make the funding target you will receive your diary.

What does it look like?

It's a plain black hardback A5 book, with only the date on the soft-touch matt cover.

Who is it for?

It's for any writer, or anyone who wants to make writing a higher priority in their life. The tools are adaptable, and there's plenty of space to make your own at the back.

When will I get delivery?

I'm aiming for UK delivery pre-Christmas for anyone who orders from the first batch of 200 diaries before 13th December. I'll get any additional diaries out as quickly as possible, but they may sell out. PDF-only customers will receive theirs by 22nd December.

International deliveries will take longer, but I'll do my best to get them to you before the New Year.

What details do I need to give for delivery?

Please make sure that you enter the correct email address and delivery address! If you think they may be wrong, email hello@urbanwritersretreat.co.uk with your donation details and we'll sort it out.

How will the diaries be sent?

By first-class Royal Mail post. I have no control over Royal Mail's reliability, but if you have problems receiving your diary please contact hello@urbanwritersretreat.co.uk and we'll help you as much as we can. Diaries ordered by 13th December will be posted by the last first-class post date. Beyond this, I will do my best but can't promise, as it may not be possible to get them printed in time.

Can I send one as a present?

Sure! Email me on hello@urbanwritersretreat with details of where you'd like it sent. Please do this ASAP - once the diaries arrive I'll be getting them out as quickly as possible, and if I don't hear anything beforehand then it'll go out to the address on the payment details.

What about postage costs and international delivery?

Delivery is included within the UK. If you're ordering internationally, delivery is £3 extra, which you can add as an 'additional donation' right underneath the subtotal on the next page. If you forget though, no worries, we can send you a PayPal request for the extra.

What's with the tip thing on the payment page?

Yeah... I chose the best UK-based crowdfunding platform for our needs, but they suggest supporters also give them a tip that allows them to let good causes crowdfund without fees (as a commercial enterprise, I pay fees that also supports this). This is NOT obligatory, despite looking like it is - you'll see that I've selected 'other amount' and set it to zero in this example. If you don't wish to pay this additional fee, you don't have to. The 'additional donation' box just above it is where you'd add international shipping fees.


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Thanks for social support

The .pdf version of the planner (or perhaps a shortened version) will be freely available once 2019 starts. Of course, I'd love your support with a small donation, but if you're strapped for cash but still want the full version now, share the crowdfunder on social media, save a screenshot and send it to us on hello@urbanwritersretreat.co.uk and we'll hook you up with the .pdf file.

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Love, sparkles and a .pdf version

Support the project with a small donation and you'll get my eternal thanks, plus a full .pdf of the planner for you to print and use (personal use only).

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Writer's Diary 2019

For the price of a takeaway, get your writer's diary and planner and use it to make 2019 your best year of writing yet. For international delivery, please add £3 in the 'additional donation' box.

£23 or more

Writer's Diary 2019 - January Delivery

Once the initial run of 200 diaries has been sold, I'll do my best to get more out as quickly as possible. For international delivery, please add £3 in the 'additional donation' box.

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One for you and one for a friend. This includes UK delivery to one address. For international delivery, please add £3 in the 'additional donation' box.

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Writer's Diary and a one-day retreat in London

Get a writer's diary and a place on a one-day retreat in London from January to March (dates TBC). Your diary will be delivered before Christmas if ordered before 13th December. Can be ordered as a gift - just check the FAQ below and send us the recipient's details.

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