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Improving Mental Health in Wrexham amongst parents

by Lorrisa Roberts in Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Improving Mental Health in Wrexham amongst parents


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Delivering a cost-free, safe learning and development space for parents suffering with mental health problems and their young children.

by Lorrisa Roberts in Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Mental Health affects us all in various ways. 

"...failing as a mum, I felt like I was lost, alone, and isolated. I felt worthless, couldn’t understand why anyone would want to spend time with me and my baby".

We are a small but growing charity with big ideas and enthusiasm. As Wrexham's longest standing mental health charity established in 1992 we offer dynamic, creative and informal ways of helping our clients to manage their mental well being. As part of this project our team would like to deliver a peer mentoring programme to our 'parents' groups. We know that the pandemic has marginalised many parents in those very few delicate first days, weeks and even months where people rely heavily upon family support. Our idea is to utilise our contacts in our local health board to gain referrals for our existing project and to recruit volunteers (Champions) to support the parents group thereby making it more sustainable in the longer term and therefore enable us to reach more parents at this crucial time. Our philosophy is to create organic projects that can sustain themselves into the future with minimum support from our team. 

"I couldn’t cope when my baby cried and took it very personally".

We will use this funding to support our existing 'free of charge' Perinatal resilience and mutual respect' (PRAMS) project and develop peer to peer networks amongst parents and volunteers in order to support more parents (and indirectly their children) than we are currently able to due to capacity issues. 

"What would people think of me being such a bad mother, I was afraid I would be judged and the thought of meeting people in a group filled me with fear! I thought that my baby would be better off with someone else who could care for her properly. I thought that people would think that by baby number 3 I should know what I was doing , it should be natural to me". 

As part of this project we know it is good to talk. We have many examples of parents who have benefited no end in attending our project. We are now in a position where we would like to expand upon this by recruiting a number of trusted 'Champions' to run sessions and provide support to clients. The funding will enable us to train up the volunteers, pay for DBS checks and travel costs to enable the project to operate. We would like to purchase two iPads or tablets so that we can offer clients a more confidential method of evaluating their experience with us as we currently use paper versions.  

"I found that I was looking forward to our weekly meetings. I met people who I now call friends who made me realise that I wasn’t ‘failing’ as a mum but what I was feeling was normal and that it was ok not to be ok".

Any funding that we receive will be put to good use and will enable us to assist parents in Wrexham. 

"We did some work in group about thoughts and also about other people’s thoughts, is that really what that persons thinking? Or is it what I think they are thinking? What is our evidence that supports that is what they are thinking? We then discussed about how we catastrophize situations and how to re-think these situations".

Our project can be truly life saving for parents and allow them to gain the skills to truly enjoy being a parent and all the trials and tribulations that accompany parenthood. Our approach is positive, dynamic, non threatening and non-judgemental. We can help parents turn the darkest of days to the brightest of futures. 

"Life is a lot more back to normal (Chaotic, crazy, fun)" 

Our success impacts upon the entire family unit and we have many examples of how working with parents and children can result in job opportunities, upskilling and additional training, volunteering opportunities and overall improvements in well being. With this extra funding we look forward to helping more children have a better start in life and parents to have a better experience of them. 

"...was life changing for me, I don’t actually remember much before my daughter was 3 months old, I feel guilty about that time I feel I wasted with her but PRAMS has left me with happy memories of her baby hood for which I am so grateful". 

Let's make 'Improving Mental Health in Wrexham amongst parents' happen

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