(Wo)men Rule Broadway [West End Edition]

by Kelly Coughlin in London, England, United Kingdom


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Exposure bucks pay for nothing! We want to pay our cast, crew, and band a fair wage and still have enough to donate a large sum to charity!

by Kelly Coughlin in London, England, United Kingdom

(Wo)men Rule Broadway [West End Edition] is a cabaret style production in which women sing and perform musical theatre roles traditionally written for men. So often in musical theatre men get to sing about their ambitions, their dreams, and their demons, whereas women tend to sing about the men that they love. Men play the brave hero and the complex villain. Women play the lovesick damsel or the sexy vixen. However we know that women are so much more than these one dimensional roles.

We believe that the human experience is one that transcends gender and race. Women are people with fully realized dreams and aspirations which we believe can and should be reflected in the roles they portray on the stage. This project is for every little girl who watched “Beauty and the Beast” and thought, “I want to play Gaston.” We are providing the platform for women to play the roles they've always dreamed of, but were always told they couldn't do.

We need your help for this project, and here's why;

At (Wo)men Rule Broadway it is important to us that we pay everyone involved in our productions. This includes our crew, live band, and or course our talented performers. All too often in the entertainment industry people are asked to do things for free or for the "exposure," but we believe that professionals should be treated as such. We value the contributions of everyone we work with and believe they should always receive the compensation they deserve.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality content that you'll love! This means that our shows have lights, costumes, awesome talent, a live band, and all the odds and ends that go in to a full theatrical production. Much to our chagrin, none of these things can be bought with passion and instead require very real money.

Most importantly, (Wo)men Rule Broadway donates a portion of every production's proceeds to a charity of our choice. This time, we're excited to be donating to Refugee Women Connect, which provides aid to refugee women and asylum seekers who face inequality and are denied social justice. Discover more about this amazing charity by visiting https://www.refugeewomenconnect.org.uk

(Wo)men Rule Broadway was created by Genevieve Flati and Kelly Rogers in Los Angeles, California in 2016. After several successful runs in The US, the show is now traveling overseas to be part of The Vault Festival; London's biggest, boldest, and wildest arts and entertainment festival!

Let's make '(Wo)men Rule Broadway [West End Edition]' happen

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