Would You Rather? - Adult Edition

by Christopher Pickwell in Colchester, England, United Kingdom


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Would You Rather? - Adult Edition A pocket book of 200 hilarious and often horrifying 'Would You Rather' questions.

by Christopher Pickwell in Colchester, England, United Kingdom

You can use this pocket book any way you want…

You can simply sit around asking the questions to your friends to make them simultaneously laugh their heads off and want to puke…

Or maybe a drinking game… Your friends choose their answer (embarrassing themselves in the process) then, designating red or blue to heads or tails, flip a coin… If their coloured answer comes up then they’re fine… If it doesn’t they have to down a shot….. 

The great thing is that in today's strange climate, you can even have a 'WOULD YOU RATHER' party by video call... just make sure there are no young children listening!

WARNING: I’ve played this and you can get hammered very fast!...Be careful.


I originally came up with all these insane questions to entertain myself through the first Covid lockdown... I've since had many insane evenings using them as an excuse to connect with friends, simultaneously making them laugh and grossing them out! 


But there are many things I plan on creating... ideas that I have down on paper but need certain equipment to bring to reality (such as 3d printer, metal lathe, steel cutter etc) so I decided to compile 200 of my favourite questions into a pocket book that can be slipped into a pocket and taken anywhere, bringing fun to others in these dark times, and raising the funds needed in the process.


Why not join the fun and start to enjoy life again... after all, laughter heals many unseen wounds. 


 The image above is of a mock-up that I made myself... I have a professional printing company poised to commence work on the finished article as soon as this project is completed. 



Let's make 'Would You Rather? - Adult Edition' happen

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