Worthing town centre Changing Places toilet

Worthing town centre Changing Places toilet

Worthing town centre needs a fully accessible disable toilet for severely disabled people. We have the space but we need more funding!

We did it!

On 24th Nov 2014 we successfully raised £6,286 of £3,000 target with 211 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Our actual target was £5000 and we are so gratful to everyone that has helped us hit that!  


BUT if you would like to keep pledging then all additional funds will be ring-fenced to be used for the refurbishment of the disabled toilet in the Guildbourne centre where we hope to have a similar style facility in the not too distant future!


Imagine standing bare foot on a dirty, muddy or even urine soaked toilet floor. Now imagine lying on it! You wouldn't would you?

Unfortunately this is the only option for many disabled children and adults in Worthing town centre



Because standard disabled toilets are NOT fully accessible and are not catered to the severely disabled. They are only suitable for people who can transfer to and from their wheelchair, who can clean themselves and don't need the help of several carers.

Severely disabled people who cannot stand require the use of a hoist to transfer from their wheelchair to a toilet. They need a changing bed to be cleaned and dressed on afterwards and they require space for themselves, their wheelchairs (which are usually much larger than a standard wheelchair) and sometimes up to 2 carers.

Many local families with disabled children have to lie them on a toilet floor to change them, or have to ignore their need for privacy and dignity and change them in the back of their car! Severely disabled people face the grim reality of sitting in a dirty nappy or pad or cutting their trip short and returning home where they can access suitable toilet facilities.

Its 2014 - this is not acceptable!

What we need...


Worthing town centre needs a FULLY accessible Changing Places public toilet with a ceiling hoist, large changing bed and space for carers to assist those that need it - similar to the photo shown above.

Worthing Borough Council have agreed with us and have allocated space for this essential facility, they are funding the majority of the project, local charities including Worthing & District Scope are also adding generous contributions to the budget but we still have a short fall which needs to be covered so we can get this project finished as soon as possible.

The new facilities will be provided at the public toilets opposite The Dome on Worthing seafront and the work on this project is expected to start after Christmas!  

Please help us to fund this project and make Worthing town centre more accessible for our disabled community.


Our actual target is £5000 but we have to set it lower on here as we will only get the money if we raise 100% of the target set!


Rewards for your pledges…

You can pledge however much you wish to and there are a variety of rewards to choose from as a thank you which will you can choose from by clicking the 'pledge' button.


We are also looking for some corporate supporters so if your business would like to support this commuity project please contact us...

Pledge £500To have your company logo displayed as a 'supporter' of the new toilets.  We will be installing a small plaque outside the new facilities to show our supporters - 4 available

Pledge £1000To be our main sponsor and have your company logo displayed as our main sponsor on the plaque outside the new facilities. You will have your logo added as a header here on our crowd funder page and our Facebook and Twitter pages and will be named as our sponsor in any press release we issue. - 1 available


The following local businesses have supported us and donated these rewards and we would like to thank them very much…



THANK YOU to our supporters:



National Autistic Society - Who have pledged £500 



Baby Buddy- Who have pledged £500

Proto Group who have pledged £150




You can read more about the need for these facilities on the changing places website http://www.changing-places.org/the_campaign.aspx


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