World in London

We are raising funds to develop an app which will enable Londoners to 'travel' the world in their own city

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are seeking to raise £15k to develop an app which will enable Londoners to 'travel' the world in their own city.

Please have a read through to find out more about us and choose from our rewards. Remember you can choose more than one. If you like this project please do help us spread the word to ensure it is a success :)

We thought the best way to tell you more about the project was with a series of FAQs.

Thanks so much and happy exploring!  

So what is World in London all about?

It's all about enabling Londoners to make the most of the incredible multicultural opportunities in their own city. We believe that you don't have to go far to have an adventure and explore new cultures - its just a matter of knowing where to look on your doorstep.

We curate and create the best experiences from around the world which can be found in London. Our next step is to develop an app to make it really easy and fun for people to discover all this cultural richness.

The little graphic above sums up what we are about (British passport holders check the inside cover of your real passports for the inspiration....).

Got any more info about the app and what's on it?

Think of the app as a travel wishlist, only you don't need to leave London. It will have discovered the top 10 experiences from each nationality in the city (initially chosen by people from that nationality). Think Burmese supperclubs in secret locations, Turkish hammams in East London, Brazilian parties by the Thames. It's the first time all the experiences to be had from around multicultural London will be coming together in one place.

The app is to be themed like a passport, and involves the collection of 'country' stamps as you 'travel' the word in London trying different experiences you wouldn't otherwise know about. As you collect more stamps, you will be entitled to more rewards in the form of free experiences, special offers and exclusive events. 

There's a bunch of other features we are planning too. Check the video below for a more in depth demo of how it will work

The first version of the app will work on your iphone and android. If you don't use one of these please let us know! There will be a working version by April exclusively for crowdfunder backers.

The idea is that the app is free to use initially for early adopters. However we can't rule out that some 'premium' app functionality will be introduced later on (like Spotify).

Who are the people behind it?

We are 2 Ed's:

Ed Hewitt - is the founder of the company. He got the idea whilst on an overland adventure from Thailand back to the UK via the Silk Road last year. Although the trip was incredible, he kept on wondering whether it was really necessary to travel so far and for such a long period in search of something new. Upon return he found that exploring his own city of London could be just as rewarding and so set up World in London. A few years ago, Ed wrote his dissertation at Oxford on multiculturalism.

Ed Gillespie - is the chairman of the company. Bizarrely, Ed & Ed had never met before, but both have scarily similar backgrounds which lead to them having the same idea for World in London independently. Ed G was on a flightless trip around the world from Brixton to Brixton (as described in the book 'Only Planet') a few years ago when he had his 'eureka' moment. Until now, the idea had been dormant as he developed his own successful sustainability communications company, Futerra. Upon seeing that Ed H was running around with the same idea earlier this year, the 2 Ed's united and Ed G joined as chairman                                        

Why are you crowdfunding and how does it work?

We wanted to involve our community as much as possible and crowdfunding is such a great way to do that. It's also a fantastic way to really test the demand for the offering. We need people to really demonstrate they want World in London and the things we are offering. Without this proof, the project won't happen. So now is your chance to show that you absolutely want it! :)

Of course there is the money side too. We need around £15k to develop the app (apps are expensive!). What you see now is just a design prototype using a clever visualisation tool. The programming to turn this into a working app is what is required! 

The campaign is an 'all or nothing' one. So if we don't reach our target everybody gets their money back and the project doesn't go ahead. Please help us ensure this doesn't happen by spreading the word to your friends and social media networks. 

Anyone said anything nice about World in London?

We've had lots of positive feedback from people who've been on our test experiences over the year. Check out the testimonial video here:

We've also been talking to Time Out who have given us the following statement they are happy for us to use 'We are intrigued by this concept. Its exactly the sort of service a Time Out reader would use in London'

What were these test events you talk about?

We've helped put together a few test events which have included a Burmese supperclub on an underground carriage, a Greek food and philosophy night and a walking tour around Southall. We also organised a 'World Cup Festival' where we helped people watch the games surrounded by fans from each nation. This was covered on the Time Out blog, on London Live TV and our 'Support Costa Rica' campaign even made it onto Sky Sports. 


What if I'm not a Londoner?

Firstly, we define a Londoner as anybody who currently lives in London regardless of nationality. The app is predominantly aimed at Londoners as we think there is a real beauty to the idea of travelling the world in your own city. But we still think that the offer will appeal to people visiting London from elsewhere in the UK and overseas. Come to London, experience the world!

We also aim to take the 'World In' brand to other multicultural cities around the UK and internationally once we've proved the model in London. This is just the beginning! 

Tell us more about the individual rewards...

Some rewards might require a little more explanation


World in Southall walk

Hosted by Indian cookery writer and historian Monisha Bharadwaj. Monisha will take you around the shops, food outlets and temples of Southall. Some small food tastings included and the option to sample the free meal at the Sikh Gurdwara.

World in Wembley walk

Hosted by Colombian social entrepreneur Diana Grisales. Diana will lead you on a tasting tour of the different nationalities of Wembley. There's more to Wembley than a football stadium!

World in Soho walk

Hosted by Polish tour guide Nika, the walk will focus on 10 different international Londoners who have made a significant contribution to London today. Will also include much more on Soho's history - where Nika is a fount of knowledge.

World in Hackney walk

We've developed an itinerary to lead you on a journey from Turkey to Colombia via Ghana & Jamaica. Some tastings and a mosque visit included. Tour hosted by James, a Hackney resident with a degree in multiculturalism.

All walking tours will be delivered from around March - when the weather starts to get a little brighter.


Examples of the type of thing you'll be able to do for £50:

Get a couples experience of an authentic Russian 'Banya'. Get covered in 'venik' (a fragrant bundle of birch leaves), sit back and enjoy a traditional Russian massage right in the heart of London.

Two of you can learn to make sushi with a top Japanese chef. 

Enjoy a mouthwatering meal for two of Caucasian specialities khinkali and khachapuri washed down with the world's oldest wine in our favourite little Georgian restaurant (Georgian food and wine is amazing!). 

Go along with 10 friends to the biggest Brazilian party in London - every Monday night.

The list could go on, from beautiful African music concerts to rooftop Turkish film festivals but you'll have to trust us. It's our job to hand pick the best! 

Russian Banya

Tell us more about the group rewards

We can arrange the following for your group of friends or colleagues. Perfect for a different way to mark a special occasion or treat your team to something totally unique. Email or call 07775420709 to arrange the best thing for you

International Safari Supper

We'll take your group on a 'food safari' from Turkey to Vietnam via Ethiopia. Three courses, one in a restaurant of each country.  We'll provide a knowledgeable guide to navigate your way through the Hackney savannah. Location and countries can be changed upon request 

Guide price for 12 people: £350  

Sierra Leone in Your Home

We can arrange for Sierra Leonean storytelling extraordinaire Usifu Jalloh to come to your home, office or event for something completely different. Be blown away by the power of Usifu's voice as he sings, plays drums and tells wonderful stories of his homeland. Have your perceptions of Sierra Leone changed forever.


Guide price: From £300 for up to 20 people. If more people, cost will rise to cover sound system. Traditional Sierra Leonean food can also be arranged at extra cost  

Pure Persia

We can arrange the Pure Persia experience with Shared City as a private event. Hosted by Iranian teacher Rasheeda, this unique experience includes a visit to a traditional Iranian mosque to watch the evening prayers, tasting of delicious Iranian tea and sweets in a local shop, a 3 course Iranian meal and apple scented shisha.  

Guide price: £500 for up to 15 people

Brazilian carnival

Get the special treatment from acclaimed chefs and entertainers BRAZIL POP UP as they take over the Oxo Tower this March. Your group of up to 15 will get a hosted evening including a caipirinha making class, a special 3 course menu with personal introduction from the chef and a samba lesson as you party Brazilian style into the night overlooking the Thames

Guide price: £750 for up to 15 people

International dinner party on an Underground Carriage

Enjoy a private 5 course taster menu (each course from a different country) with wine pairings on a disused underground carriage! Yes it is possible and we have access! The meal is cooked and prepared by German raised, French trained, 'Michelin man' Alex Cooper and his lovely Nigerian sous-chef Chi.

The carriage is currently in Walthamstow and sits above ground.

The carriage is above ground and does not move

Guide price: £1500 for up to 20 people

Central Asian Dinner & Show in a Yurt 

Experience a magical Central Asian evening in a yurt. They'll be speciality Central Asian food, storytelling from the Silk Road, live music and dance. This a truly unique experience just for your group. 

Providing logistics work, we can bring the yurt to you.

Guide price: £2000 for up to 20 people. There is also the option to host the evening in London's best Central Asian restaurant for £1500