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World Stage Sport

Welcome! World Stage Sport is a company started and run by two driven sportsmen with the aim to offer advice and consultancy help to sports

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We are a start-up company who look to offer consultancy and advice for sportsmen and women who are looking to play sport overseas.   We are a very personalised service and tailor your sporting experience to what you are looking to achieve, whether that to play serious sport,  travel and work. When playing sport abroad there is quite an ‘elitist’ stigma attached to it, in that you have to be one of the best at your sport, or be the best at your school or play in the top league. Our aim is to eradicate this perception and allow individuals of any abilty, culture, race and religion to have the opportunity to play the sport they love abroad. Through our connections that we have gained in sport our self, we  initially provide a club connection matching you to the appropriate standard club abroad and connection fee once the agreement has been finalised. In between these phases we have optional ‘tickbox’ checklist in which we can give the best advice and options on accommodation, work/ job opportunities, information pack on the area, travel insurance advice,  VISA form help, assistance with booking flights and advice on rental cars.  We also work in the opposite direction, where clubs approach us and we find players on their behalf from our database.

We do all the hassle and admin, so all you need to do in step on the plane worry free and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

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