World of Dumplings – Let's build it together...

World of Dumplings – Let's build it together...

World of Dumplings – Let's build it together, You and me. Taste of dumplings - Taunton, Somerset.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Everyone comes to a moment in life,

when they just wat to do something they like, because it means that he would be happy at work.

I feel that I have reached such a moment, however I know that I cannot realise it alone.

If you can help me realise it, for me and for you, please read on...



I always loved making appetizing meals, I like working in the kitchen, which feels like my own little corner of heaven. The only thing I love more is when these meals are enjoyed by someone else, someone I have prepared this meal for.



I want there to be more of these people, which is why I decided to open a small restaurant in Taunton, where you could eat tasty and healthy meals.


Alongside English meals, the restaurant would also offer meals of polish origin, with a new dish each day from a different region of Poland.


Each meal will be prepared on site, with products from the local farm – Pyrland Farm Shop.

I love animals. I know that people who also love them cannot bring them into restaurants when the want to eat dinner, drink some beer, tea, or coffee, because they don't want to leave their dogs alone at home. This is why I want my customers to have the ability to bring their dogs with them when they come to my restaurant.







I found an unused pub, empty for 3 years in Taunton in which I could realise my dream. The pub has enough space for approximately 30 seats, there's a bar and kitchen facilities.



Because it has been out of use for 3 years, everything needs replacing or renewing. Walls need to be repainted, windows and doors need to be replaced, the floor needs to be renewed, the shop needs to be fitted with new furniture, and new kitchen utensils like plates and cutlery need to be bought. The beer garden, which is in a quiet place out the back of the building, also needs to undergo renewal.


In the first floor there are 7 rooms which could be used as guest rooms, however they also need to be renewed with new furniture, televisions and bathrooms. If we could adapt these rooms to the needs of the visitors, it would be a fantastic place of rest for those who are coming to Taunton for business needs for example, and would need to spend a couple of days here.


The pub that I'm talking about is a beautiful building, which will be undergoing deconstruction, because it is unused. That is why I decided, that this cannot happen. This building must live once more, and bring happiness to all who enter.


Dreams are not there to ponder on and think about, but to realise them. If I can realise this dream, it would offer a job to roughly 5 people, and together with my staff I would care for my visitors and customers alike. Taking these plans into account, I would like to invite anyone who thinks that my idea has a chance to succeed to work with me.


I don't want to take a loan out, because all the money used I plan to return through donation bonuses.


  • For those who donate £1000 or more, I offer 10 free accomodation passes, each for one night.
  • For those who donate £500 or more will get 5 of the same free accomodation passes, again each for one night.
  • For those who pay £100 or more, 1 free accomodation pass for one night.
  • And those who pay less will get a one 10% off voucher for the services of my restaurant.

All the passes and vouchers will be usable within 12 months of my restaurant opening.


For me to be able to cover the costs of the much needed renovation, fitting the building and having the money to pay my employees their first few wages, I would need roughly £80000. If I gather more, or if there is any leftover money, it will be directed towards paying the rent for the building, and ofcourse the funding of another interesting project.

Thank you for all and any donations...