World Exploration

World Exploration

I want to become a writer and travel the world for as long as I can sustain myself.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Depression, mild form of bipolar disorder, and a feeling of being lost are eating at my life, on a minute to minute basis. 

I want to become a writer. I want to travel the world for as long as I can sustain myself and keep a record of everything I do, and maybe even video tape my journey. I want to refresh my mind, body and soul and connect with the Earth. 

I have never travelled on my own, neither explored the planet the way I had wished I would as a child by the time I got to the age of 25, (24 currently). 

My main objectives for this, if I achieve collecting enough funds, is to connect with the Earth, it's inhabitants and get rid of the fear of travelling and "other" people. Most important of all though, is to write my book, through which I hope to have a strong impact on the future of the world.

If I finish the journey successfully, however long it may take, I will return and continue writing and dedicate my life to helping youngsters in education and learning, charity and community work. 

If I finish the journey without learning anything. I will seek Euthanasia somewhere in Europe, as I feel my individual life has no more meaning. 

Life is precious, but one needs to have a purpose and meaning, and I seem to have lost that.