Red Ochre and Crowdfunder are working together to offer social enterprises support in raising finance and exposure through crowdfunding.






Red Ochre is a leading social enterprise consultancy working across the UK and over a dozen countries worldwide.

We are acknowledged leaders in social blended value businesses both in the UK and increasingly overseas. Our approach is to develop the capabilities, capacity and entrepreneurial attitudes to allow organisations to be more financially sustainable and increase their impact. Our team has a wide range of expertise and experience in marketing, financial, managerial and technical fields with complementary skill-sets gained in a number of commercial, social and not-for-profit sectors. 

Red Ochre has been acknowledged by name in the UK parliament as experts in social enterprise, and recipients of numerous awards they have supported hundreds of social enterprises to achieve trading success. 

Each year Red Ochre train more than 2,500 people around the world.


How it's worked before






Why Crowdfund?


How does it work?


1) If you want to run a project, first you decide on the amount you need to raise, and explain how you are going to use the money through an online video.

2) Once your project page is live you invite your customers and potential supporters to back your project with cash

3) In return for backing your project that person receives a 'reward' from you. Rewards are normally a product, service or experience that is produced by the project.

4) If your project reaches its target all the funding is released to you

5) With the money, you must distribute rewards to your backers and start making your great ideas happen





Crowdfunder is a UK based digital crowdfunding platform that helps people turn their ideas into reality. Crowdfunding is one of the fastest growing alternative finance sectors in the world. In the UK it’s estimated that £2.5 billion has gone into projects via crowdfunding so far and Nesta., the innovation charity, say that crowdfunding grew by 388% last year. We're the largest UK based crowfunding platform, have helped 1000's of projects raise millions of £'s. We've raised £100k's for Social Enterprises around the UK.


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