Working hard to survive

by Embarrassed Human in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Working hard to survive


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Dear all, I thank you for reading my story. I need your help to pay for my debt i occurred after paying for my tuition fees x3. I have be...

by Embarrassed Human in Rugby, England, United Kingdom

Dear all, 

I thank you for reading my story. 

I need your help to pay for my debt i occurred after paying for my tuition fees x3. 

I have been to Uni before (12 years ago, at the time I was suffering from MH issues, didn't know what I was doing, I completed a year and then transferred to a different course the following year. No one told me at the time Id have to pay from my own pocket upon my return - so i had to pay for 2 years of tuition fees using friends and family for support- i consolidated them through a loan. I worked part time, did two jobs- I am still paying this loan and because I had a baby things got very slow for me. I don't regret my baby though he's the best thing in the world and is what motivates me to keep going.

I now need your kind and generous help to pay for my debt - none of it was accrued from having fun, but merely paying back employment for over payments and the rest is the loan for tuition fees.   I have a part time temp job (10 hours) and it is so difficult to pay especially during Covid time.

Can you please support me and share this cause to your friends. 

I want to complete my masters so I can be a MH advocate for the students I teach in the future, plan to support the kids who are socially excluded for whatever reason, to teach teachers how to recognise a student is a human with feelings and issues. To be the motivation for the future students. My ideas are endless so I wont bore you with them. 

But i cannot pursue this if I have mountain amount of debt on my head. Please help. I trust that the kindness and mercy in your heart will donate even £1 to me. Im great full xxx

I thank you in advance for your support xxxxx

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