W/Capital To Complete Shop-Built From 1p Coin

W/Capital To Complete Shop-Built From 1p Coin

Bankrupt - This guy takes a single penny coin and turns it into stock worth half a million! This is a guy to back - Check out the rewards!

We did it!

On 26th May 2016 we successfully raised £10,019 of £10,000 target with 38 supporters in 56 days

 I am trying to raise enough working capital to complete my web site and online presence along with capital for stock investment.

I am a Numismatist living in Dorset. About 2 years ago I was as low as a person could be, bankrupt, no income and not much hope. One day while taking my German Shepherd Hector for a walk on the beach (he has sadly past away since then to cancer), I was pretty down that day and put my hands in my pockets wondering what on earth I was going to do. I found a penny, that's it, that's what I had to my name, a penny. It was a 2008 penny with a portcullis reverse. I listed it and sold it for £2 on eBay. I was given some money from my Dad for my birthday and I used that to get more pennies, then 2p's and sold so many... well it was a shock, let me tell you.

From there I put all the income into more coins and eventually after what is now about 2 years, I have built an eBay store with a retail value of over £250,000 and more than 100,000 individual items for sale. I cover over 100 countries with most denominations. My Dad (still relying on Dad at 52 - sheeeeesh!) saw how well it was working and helped me out over that time with some cash investment.

In order to keep plenty of coins in stock - each year, country and denomination - takes a lot of capital; an area in which I need help and the reason I have come to CrowdFunder.

I've put more than £100,000 through the bank since I started and yet, they won't give me a penny overdraft due to a bankruptcy 4 years ago. My credit is 'knackered' for another 2 years.

Today I sold what was, essentially, £3 for £118, so my business model is superb (even if I say so myself) But, unfortunately, the computer says.......... No! So, I've come to CrowdFunders as a way of by-passing the banks that are not interested.

I have economised in every way possible, I'm a great one for recycling everything I can. I've had over 10,000 sales and not bought a single envelope or piece of packaging material, instead, I recycle... I make my own envelopes out of used envelopes or pieces of cardboard like a cereal box. In two years all I've bought is rolls of tape!

I've tried to get as creative as I can with the rewards. A lot of the coins in my rewards are hard to get hold of and rare, like the Kew Gardens or the Undated 20p. Instead of being greedy and wanting to sell them for double the price, I'm happy to effectively take advance orders at half that price. I'm paid in advance, I'm making a good profit and you the customer are happy at getting the coin cheaper. Everyone's a winner and all made possible by the CrowdFunder set up. 

You can win a Kew Gardens or a set of 29 Olympic coins by sharing on Facebook and Twitter. So, if you'd love to help but are a bit skint, you could 'Share' and at the same time you might win something nice.

My buisiness idea works and works to a degree that I couldn't have comprehended. With the ongoing financial support and investment from my Dad, together with putting the profits back into the business, we have invested over £10,000 and I am enormously grateful to have built what I have (with the help and support of my partner Fran and of a very good friend, and to them I also owe an enormous debt of gratitude).

The business needs the kind of investment now that neither my Dad nor myself can give. We need a bit of a 'leg up' and a bit of help. The banks won't touch me for another 2 1/2 years as my personal credit rating won't be fixed until then.

I really do hope you support this venture.... I would be immensely grateful - and am deeply grateful to those who have supported me this far.

I hope you like the rewards and thank you kindly for your time

 With gratitude





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