Weir Top of the Poles!

Weir Top of the Poles!

Please donate £5 by Buying a Poster, and help us to spread our Socialist, Secular, Anti Sectarian message right across North Belfast!

We did it!

On 13th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £245 of £200 target with 16 supporters in 28 days

The Workers Party North Belfast branch asks you to please, if you can, donate to our Weir Top of the Poles Poster Campaign.


We are appealing for members, friends, families, supporters, well-wishers, work mates, neighbours and anybody else who can, to please donate £5, to allow us to spread our message and fund our campaign. Initially your money will allow us simply to purchase more Election Posters which is an important way of publicising our campaign. This will free up some of our other limited funds to pay for election costs, leaflets and organise events that will allow us to effectively fight the Parties at Stormont and fight against their agenda of Austerity.


It is vital that we are able to spread our Socialist, Secular, Anti-Sectarian message right across the constituency which will help us show voters in every home in North Belfast that there is an alternative to the parties at Stormont. There is an alternative to Austerity and there is an alternative to Unionist and Nationalist Politics, and it's thinly veiled bigotry.


Gemma Weir stands as the Workers Party candidate in North Belfast as part of our Party's commitment to oppose Austerity. We do not accept that those with the least should be punished for the crimes and mistakes of the richest. We will never accept Cuts for the poor and Tax Cuts for the rich. The parties at Stormont do. 


Gemma has a consistent record of support for integrated education, full legal rights for women to choose what is best for their own bodies, and opposition to all forms of bigotry and discrimination whether it's based on race, religion, gender, sexuality or anything else! We will continue to call for the widespread building of social housing to ensure that none of our citizens in North Belfast, or anywhere else, will be forced to live on our streets. We believe these homes should be integrated, like our schools should be, and ensure that there is a chance that the future of Northern Ireland is of one community, not two.


We are a small, but growing Party, which relies on the physical and financial backing of a relatively small group of members and supporters. We hope to continue to build on the almost 1,000 votes we received from every area in North Belfast in the Westminster election, and we would love it if you could help us to do that.

Thank you.

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