Work experience for foster care leavers

by garensharland1 in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

Work experience for foster care leavers
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To give foster care leavers the opportunity to gain work experience in a retail and hospitality by opening a Tea Room.

by garensharland1 in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

My name's Garen for the last 10 years I have been serving in the Military.    3 years ago I had a fall whist on board a ship. Since then I have had issues with my knees, ankles and shoulder, in August I was told that I am going to medically discharged. My last date in the service will be 4th March 2018. For a while I felt lost and didn't know what I was going to do. Being dyslexic having these injuries and dealing other issues as well. I had a long hard look at myself and realised that I have a lot to teach and give people who's gone through the same sort of life that I have. So in my wisdom I thought I could help others as well as help myself at the same time. As a service lever not only MOD I was in foster care. I remembered how hard it was to get a job or work experiences whist in care. I Always felt every time I had a job interview my nerves would get the better of me or that as soon as I mentioned being in care that the interviewer would all of a sudden judge me which in turn made me feel bad about myself and knocked my confidence. When I was younger it may not of come across to other people as I always put on a front, but I hated myself . Until one day I got a job working in a Tex Mex burrito place in my town and the owners brought me out of my shell and taught me how I should be in and that I'm a good worker. And by the time I left care I was assistant manager of so called place. So the reason I have set this page up is to do what my old employers done for me. Teach and give young service leavers some work experience build their confidence up and teach them life skills. Which will also help give me some new lease on life. So I would like to start up a Tea Room in Cornwall which hopefully it will be run by young adults who are service leavers.

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