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Funding a life-saving surgery for my dog in return for unique, once in a lifetime literary opportunities.

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Funding a life-saving surgery for my dog in return for unique, once in a lifetime literary opportunities.

About the project

I am Amazon best-selling author Rivka Spicer and this is one of my family dogs, a long-haired miniature dachshund called Anna, affectionately known as Anna Banan. I watched her be born and take her first breaths in this world. I've loved her for nearly eight years and watched again with pride as she has brought her own puppies into being, as in the pictures above and below.

She's pack. As much family to me as my brothers and sister. Her puppies are pack too - some of them still live with us. We're not breeders; we're just dog lovers.

On 30/08/15 Ana was rushed to the specialist Fitzpatrick veterinary hospital in Surrey having lost the ability to stand. Investigation showed that she had a massively prolapsed disk in her spine and if they didn't operate she would have to be put down. 

There was no question. She had to have the operation. We couldn't lose her when the means to save her was close at hand.

The issue is that the bill for saving her is currently estimated at a staggering £5,000, with every possibility that this figure may increase.

In order to raise money to cover these bills, I've teamed up with fellow Amazon Bestselling author Ivory Quinn to offer some unique opportunities for book and animal lovers!

In addition to receiving personalised notes and cards, you could also receive an e-book by the authors that will never be published elsewhere. There will be opportunities to name characters, receive dedications, make guest appearances on our blog and appear in the acknowledgements sections of upcoming books.

To see our work, you can follow these links:

Rivka Spicer

Ivory Quinn


UPDATE 06/09/15:

Banan is home! Five days after the surgery she's still learning how to walk again, as seen in the new video added above. Even though she's struggling, she's wagging her tail like the beautiful, sweet-natured pup she is :)

I've also taken the opportunity to shuffle around the Rewards to add in some for those who aren't into books.

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