Wool Skatepark

Wool Skatepark

To create a high quality skatepark for all ages and abilities. The project aims to improve the health and wellbeing of it's users.

We did it!

On 19th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £142 with 7 supporters in 56 days

The project aims to create a high-quality skate and bike park for the residents of Wool. The facility will be named "Wool Skatepark".

In Wool, there are two primary schools and a pre-school within 1/2 mile radius of the old skatepark. Many of these children use the facilities every day. There is also a secondary school in Wareham which most teenagers attend from Wool who also use the area to ride and socialise. The local youth club is fully supporting this project and believe it to be much needed and will greatly enrich the lives of the residents of Wool as there is little for them to do. 

The park will contain a variety of features and substrates for skateboarder, streetboarders, inline skaters, scooter and bmx riders of all abilities, from learner to professional. The skatepark is a plaza-style street course with a launch box and mini ramp that will cater for all levels of skill.

The project forms part of a wider open space improvement scheme for Wool Parish Council that also includes a children's play park, enclosed football/basketball court, spectator shelters, wildlife areas, fitness trails, picnic areas and café redevelopments.

The existing skate park for Wool is currently situated within the grounds of the village playing field directly in front of the Woolbridge Surgery. This facility was installed in 2007 as part of the Wool Parish Council initiative. Since its creation, it has proved extremely popular, and in fact far too small for the existing demand.

This often results in overcrowding and can be dangerous when riding, especially as there is only really space for one rider to safely use the park at any one time. The metal construction also creates a lot of noise for the residents, an issue that is completely solved with a concrete skatepark. In addition to this, the ground in which the park resides is constructed of rough, cracked tarmac which has degraded badly making it hard to skate properly.

The site for the new park will be in the existing space. The aim of The Wool Skaters Group project is to develop this area as a centre for extreme sports. Contributing to an active and healthy lifestyle at a young age is essential, and this park could lead to young people from our village developing a keen interest in a variety of sports and even perhaps taking it forward to a competing level. The park will be developed to a standard that enables events and competitions to be held there.

We took care to involve the local user group and residents to discuss ideas and design the new skatepark with one of the top skatepark design companies in the UK. Our aim is to promote a skate ambassador programme that will give responsibility and teach our young people, whilst we ensure the safety of the very young children who also use the park.  

The Wool Skatepark project has the full support and backing of the Wool Parish Council, Purbeck District Council, Wareham and Dorchester Rotary Club, St Mary & St Josephs Primary School, Wool C of E Primary School, Purbeck Secondary School, Kids of Wool Pre-school, Wool Youth Club, Wareham Youth Club and many local businesses in the area. Along with residents, riders and parents of the skatepark users.

The money raised through crowdfunding will contribute to the £216k required to build the skatepark. We are actively seeking funds from grant giving organisations such as Sports England,   Dorset Section 106 Grant Fund and Viridor to raise the bulk needed for the project.

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