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Dogs are howling for a Wooferendum to stop Brexit. Join us and together let’s make the biggest bark in history.

by Daniel Elkan in London, England, United Kingdom

Target update

Dear Wooferendum supporters,

Thank you so much for your generous donations, lovely comments and shares.

We have some good news: the Metropolitan Police have agreed to do the traffic management of the march for us, meaning that we don't need to hire a private traffic management company (which would have been very expensive). This means that we can reduce the target required for our Crowdfunder, to a target of £7,850 instead. I wanted to let you know, because you donated for the project when it had the original target of £24,721. The new lower target will be easier to achieve, and if we hit it early we can then do a stretch target to let people donate more so we can make the bark even bigger. The new lower target will appear on the page in 24 hours. Please do keep spreading the word, and thanks in advance. 

You can always contact me at with any thoughts or ideas.

Kind woofs, Daniel Elkan (Wooferendum founder).

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