Wonderland Bar & Lounge

Wonderland Bar & Lounge

Wonderland Bar & Lounge

We did it!

On 24th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £68 with 6 supporters in 42 days

‘‘Are you bonkers? Well, I will tell you a secret! All the best people are!" So how about we create the most utterly whimsical, fantastical and over the top evening spot. Where you can drink themed teapots containing unusual cocktails, whilst eating bizarre English toasties. And perhaps even partake in a few crazily flavoured shots? It sounds grand to me, let's meet Alice, The Hatter, and friends down the Rabbit Hole in Wonderland!

Why should you back this project?

When we created Wonderland Café, it was only supposed to be a small café. With your overwhelming support such as the 11’000 shares via social media we were able to expand the idea into a larger exciting and atmospheric café. Now we graciously request your help again to enhance the experience by providing a Wonderland bar and lounge for the evenings. Here is what we would like to do:

  • Expand the café – We want to expand Wonderland, so we can build themed booths and spaces for you to relax in. Expect a Victorian Living Room with a fireplace you can crawl through into a fantasy woodland space. Then a giant mirror to climb through into a mad hatters tea party.
  • Woodland Bar – We want to build a woodland themed bar out of a recycled tree and give it a new lease of life. With the use of recycled stumps as bar stools and bits of foliage to give it an authentic feel.
  • Alley Way – We would like to decorate/enhance the Alley Way down to Wonderland and install lighting all the way down.
  • Install Toilets – We would like to install a disabled toilet with baby changing facilities.
  • Expand the Kitchen – We would like to install a large toastie grill and enhance our kitchen facilities.
  • Alcohol – Buy a license for the building, purchase stock and materials. We want to serve cocktails in glass teapots,  long themed drinks, crazily flavoured shots, themed milkshakes and install a barista station.

We have lots of wonderful, mad and magical rewards for you to earn for your support. We look forward to meeting you in Wonderland in our new adventure. We invite you to join us through the looking glass once more and fall further down the rabbit hole!

And remember..

‘We're all mad here!’

**All rewards can only be claimed after crowdfunder process is finished and payments collected**

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