Help the Women’s Equality Party win in London 2021

by Women's Equality Party in London, England, United Kingdom


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Invest in equality and help us raise our election fighting fund so we can win the first Women’s Equality Party seat in London.

by Women's Equality Party in London, England, United Kingdom

Mandu Reid for Mayor of London

Mandu Reid, leader of the Women’s Equality Party, is running to be Mayor of London. There has never been a female metro mayor anywhere in the UK. In the 20 years since the London Mayoralty was created neither of the mainstream parties have ever even selected a woman for the top job. It’s time to shake things up.

Mandu grew up in Swaziland, in the shadow of apartheid South Africa, so equality, social justice, and inclusion are close to her heart. She attended the first school in Southern Africa where black children and white children were allowed to study together, and she also went to a school in Devon where she was the only black pupil in her year group. When she moved here more than 20 years ago, London, in all its amazing diversity, was the first place that truly felt like home.

Mandu has worked at City Hall under all three London mayors and believes it is time to raise the bar. Mandu wants to make London the first gender-equal city in the world - because equality is better for everyone.

Imagine if London was the first gender equal city

London’s four million women are living with the UK’s biggest pay gap, the most expensive childcare, the highest rates of sexual violence, and unacceptable levels of poverty. 

Imagine if everyone could balance work and family life. Imagine if we closed the gender pay gap in a generation. Imagine if all forms of violence were tackled as a priority. Imagine if our economy valued care. Imagine if everyone could access London transport. Imagine if our city led the way in preserving our environment. Imagine if our children’s futures looked brighter than our own.

We don’t have to imagine. We can make it happen

Help us win a seat

Our 11 List Candidates for the London Assembly

This campaign is about more than who becomes the next Mayor of London. The Women’s Equality Party is also standing 25 incredible candidates (including our 11 List candidates pictured above) for the London Assembly, which holds the Mayor to account on behalf of Londoners and influences the decisions that will shape our city for years to come.

London Assembly seats are elected by proportional representation so results are fairer and smaller parties always win seats, making it one of the most important elections the Women’s Equality Party can fight. Last time we ran we were just 1.5% of the vote away from electing our first representatives, and we were only a few months old! With your help we can win in May 2021.

We need to raise an election fighting fund. Your support will ensure we can fight to win in London in 2021. Every donation brings us a step closer to winning that seat. No amount is too small.

It's our time

In 2019, WE ensured 5 MPs accused of abuse no longer remained in parliament. WE secured our first council seat. WE also won over 350,000 votes in the last London election. Donate now to fund our #GLA2021 campaign because this time #EqualityCanWin.

  • If 100 people donated £50 we could fund the deposit for our 11 list candidates.
  • If 40 people donated £250 we could fund the deposit for our mayoral candidate.
  • If 10 people donated £1000 we could fund our page in the Mayoral Election Address Booklet which gets delivered to every household in London.

Stand with us to help make London the first gender equal city in the world. 

Thank you for your support. 

The legal bit...

As we're a political party we're required to run permissibility checks on donations over £500. These will be completed as you make your donation and therefore we can't accept anonymous donations over £500.

If you give over £500 your details will appear in our election returns, and if you donate over £7,500 your name will appear on the Electoral Commission website. 

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£52 or more

Support a canvas team for 2 months

In return receive an annual membership

£75 or more

Produces street stall packs

to ensure our activists can get out and deliver our message to voters

£250 or more

Funds a social media campaign

highlighting our vision for a gender equal London

£500 or more

Pays for a week of childcare

to ensure our candidates can fight a winning campaign

£1,000 or more

Funds the deposit for one constituency seat

In return become an Equality Champion and receive a personal thank you from our Co-Founders, Catherine Mayer and Sandi Toksvig

£2,000 or more

Funds a training camp for activists

empowering women to become campaign leaders, and join the fight for a gender equal London

£5,000 or more

Funds a billboard campaign

helping to ensure that women's voices are heard in this election, and in return receive an exclusive invitation to our 5th birthday party hosted by our Co-Founders, Catherine Mayer and Sandi Toksvig

£10,000 or more

Funds the deposit for the mayoral booklet

which outlines our pledges and will be delivered to every home in London

£29,000 or more

Secures the deposits for all of our candidates

ensuring we're represented across London and all our candidates are able to stand

Let's make 'Help the Women’s Equality Party win in London 2021' happen

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