For women by women!

For women by women!

To kickstart our projects for 2018, with increased marketing to raise awareness & create a demand for Thai female trainers in Thailand!

We did it!

On 7th Feb 2018 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

We are going to Thailand in March 2018 on a women's only Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) training retreat with Thai female fighters. We are a socially conscious company, focused on working with local communities to uplift, connect and empower women from all backgrounds; inclusion is key to our mission. We feel that is important for all women to feel confident, empowered and safe; from experience we can say that Muay Thai provides just this. We aim to break down all of the barriers to participation that often stop women from entering this male dominated arena. Cost can be a prohibitor, as can access to safe female-only spaces. Research shows that upto 75% of women would like to exercise more, but are put off due to ability, appearance and fear of judgement from their peers (mothers in particular). We aim to enrich the lives of all women through the power of physical exercise, mental wellness & mindfulness. Our goal is to grow our base of women in London, providing regular classes taught by our female instructors. We teach REAL technique & skills, acquired through many years of training & fighting to learn our craft. Our larger goal is bring the demand for female trainers to Thailand. For young Thai girls & boys, Muay Thai provides an alternative to poverty, an opportunity to provide for their families, and a way to avoid extreme exploitation. However, inequality in the sport is common; women & girls take smaller wages, have less support & professional exposure, and far fewer career opportunities at the end of their fighting. There are countless gyms across Thailand providing roles for male Muay Thai fighters, our goal is to ensure the same exists for female Muay Thai fighters. Our Thai counterparts can have the same opportunities that we have at home and improve their options for economic empowerment. It's Muay Thai for women, by women.

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