Support BWC in our work as Women Supporting Women

by Brighton Women's Centre in Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Support BWC in our work as Women Supporting Women
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by Brighton Women's Centre in Brighton, England, United Kingdom




The Covid-19 crisis is a confusing and distressing time for the most vulnerable in our communities. There is so much uncertainty surrounding: health, food banks, income, benefits and housing, that when seeking the answers, they are experiencing an information overload – causing greater confusion, heightened anxiety and stress. 

There is a lack of support for families that are home schooling their children: families who do not have the necessary technology (tablets) are being left behind whilst their fellow pupils are receiving engaging and entertaining lessons and resources from their school and BWC. These interactions are a crucial part of their day during lockdown - offering progression and engagement for the child and less stress and anxiety for the parents. 

On average 40 women access our ‘Women’s Hubs’ every week but due to Covid-19 lockdown this face to face support is now temporarily closed leaving these women without the vital support systems they rely on and they are reaching out to us seeking emotional and practical support. 

Some of the women who usually came to see us at the centre do not own or have access to a mobile phone, which is proving difficult for them in accessing any online/phone services at all - creating a very lonely, confusing and isolating time. 


BWC is committed to helping women and their families navigate this potentially chaotic landscape:

HELPLINE - We need to provide our Women Supporting Women helpline – for free. This is to ensure all women and their families can access the right support at the right time, offering the same dedicated support they received by attending the Women’s Hubs. 

TECH FOR FAMILIES – We need to provide tablets for these families so the children can have positive learning experiences during lock-down as well as providing online/offline entertainment to reduce boredom and feelings of isolation. 

ONLINE COURSES & WORKSHOPS – We need to be able to offer face to face emotional and practical support through online workshops like; Write For Life, BOOST your self-esteem. 


For our ‘Women Supporting Women – BWC Crowdfunding Campaign’ to become a reality, bringing our services online, over the phone and 100% free - we need your help! 

Our target is £8,000. Any amount you can donate to this project is greatly appreciated, but if you cannot donate to our campaign, then please share this crowd funder page with your friends and family on Facebook or in an email/text – we really appreciate your support!

For more information on this campaign, please get in touch with us:

Thank you for taking the time to read about our work. We hope that you are keeping well through these trying times, and if you or someone you know could do with the support we are providing, get in touch with us through our website:

Thank you, from everyone at Brighton Women’s Centre

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