Women Supporting Social Entrepreneurs

WSSE is a peer network of women creating social change in their Greater Manchester communities. We need your help to invest in them.

We did it!

On 25th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £2,625 of £2,000 target with 44 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

A minimum of £2000 raised will go straight into the seed funding pot for the July Mentor Marathon. Surpluses will be invested in further network development and activities of support. SO HELP US TRIPLE THIS TARGET!!

Women Supporting Social Entrepreneurs Seed Funding Campaign - CAMPAIGN in 2015 successfully completed

See our new project campaign pages for 2016  and follow it live on twitter @WSSEGroup

Read more about last years canpaign on these pages....

WSSE is a peer network for local women creating social change in their Greater Manchester communities. We need your help to invest in the change they see needed. 

We are running a 12hr mentoring marathon in July and we need your support to provide seed funding to promising projects. Help us enable local women to flourish and progress as changemakers! Your investment may cover anything from childcare, to marketing, admin support to travel costs - we will invest in those who can demonstrate best use of resources to develop them personally and professionally.

  • We believe that behind every great social venture there is a great woman.
  • We believe in supporting women who not only back their families and their communities, but who also invest in themselves.
  • We believe in building trust, rapport and empathy to deepen personal development and enable faster and more sustainable progress.


Meet some of the women who are benefitting from the network....…

Amy Win - 4Lunch http://4lunch.co.uk/ 

Dr Gill Green - Storm Skills Training http://www.stormskillstraining.co.uk/ 

Helen Power - Levenshulme Market http://www.levymarket.com/ 

Sharon Amesu - Life in Colour Coaching http://www.lifeincolourcoaching.co.uk/#!about-us/mainPage 

Lucy Danger - Emerge http://emergemanchester.co.uk/ 

Paula Maguire - Cowherds http://cowherds.org.uk/ 

Debbie Tomakies - DT Craft and Design www.dtcrafts.co.uk 

Jane Cordell - Result CIC http://www.resultcic.com/ 

Lucy Cambell - Franchising Works http://franchisingworks.org/ 

Your support will seed fund their development...

Seed funding created through this campaign will complement a network of peer support and mentoring under development to support women change makers. The 12 hour Mentor - a - thon, already backed to take place by UnLtd, Santander and Manchester Metropolitan University, will combine trouble shooting challenges and connecting and developing a diverse new network or peer mentors, with the opportunity for women developing social change to outline resources they need to personally and professionally develop.

The first £2k raised will be invested in women benefiting support through the 12 hour Mentor -a - thon. The money could be spent on business cards, training days, web development and support, travel to meet clients, consultancy time, print materials, admin support, childcare and more. Something as small as having business cards to hand can make a big difference to professionalism, networking abilities and confidence! If we are able to raise more than our target this will be invested in the development of the peer mentoring network to create wider learning and development opportunities accesible to over 60 women in our network.

The Network

WSSE have been meeting monthly for over a year to determine needs, challenges and barriers to women in social entrepreneurship. A key need that we can manageably address is to support more women social entrepreneurs to access mentors and to encourage and develop more mentors to support them in social business, innovation and leadership.

As a result we now have a growing network with over 60 members interested in developing this kind of support. The aim is to enable more women social entrepreneurs to access a wide variety of support and connections to progress their vision for local social change. We are seeking to train up and support 15-30 mentor/mentee relationships between July-December 2015. We need your support to create real value for these women and your communities.

Want to get involved?

There are loads of opportunities for you to get involved with the network as we move forward. 

Look out as we expand on these opportunities over the coming weeks! To get in contact email wssegroup@yahoo.co.uk

  • Do you want to be a mentee? 
  • Could you mentor?
  • Can you help with planning and marketing?
  • Are you able to offer in kind support, such as venue space?
  • Are you willing to wear a mascot suit and run around Manchester city centre?? (Only joking.) 
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