Women Safety Fundraiser

Women Safety Fundraiser

Help us to support local organisations raise further awareness of violence against women and support women’s rights in Uganda.

We did it!

On 9th Dec 2017 we successfully raised £500 of £500 target with 15 supporters in 28 days

Violence towards women is a critical issue worldwide, particularly in Uganda — nearly 50% of Ugandan women have experienced physical violence from a partner, and more than a third have been subjected to sexual violence by a partner (source). And since May 2017, 23 women have been brutally murdered in the capital city — although many arrests have been made and numerous motives proposed, the killings continue (source). To read more about both local and international responses to the murders, see the #notanotherwoman hashtag.

Help us to support local organisations raise further awareness of violence against women. With your support they can host drama-based workshops in the region as well as organise meetings with cultural and religious leaders. The local groups in Uganda have welcomed the idea of directly supporting women with self-defence workshops and protection packs that include resources such as signposting information.

We are working with UK-based charity Womankind, who have a long-term commitment to supporting women’s rights all over the world. They work with local women’s rights organisations towards:

  • Policies and laws that tackle discrimination and protect women.
  • Universal access to appropriate, quality services that protect and restore women’s rights.
  • Social change that supports the rights of all women and girls.

Your donation will contribute towards:

Drama-based workshop to raise awareness of violence against women

The organisation of a local meeting with cultural and religious leaders to raise their awareness of women’s rights, including providing transport to and from the meeting, refreshments and materials.

Locally approved and run self-defence workshop for women

Locally approved protection packs with signposting materials for women

Please donate whatever you can and if you'd also like to come along to our fundraising variety show you can find details of the event here: https://www.fatsoma.com/uganda-fundraiser/9acha7gy/uganda-fundraiser 

Donate anything above £1 and we will include your name in a lovely big montage of supporters as the backdrop to our stage at the variety show! Of course, if you'd rather not be included you can donate anonymously.

(Please note the first donation of £291 was the money people kindly donated at our bake sale on the 6th November) 

Background to the project

This project came about when two friends (Kate Green from the UK and Mary Helda Akongo from Uganda) were talking about the difficulties they face as women and how they can work together. The "Women's Safety Fundraiser" is their first step to tackle global issues that they are both passionate about.

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