Women in Film and Beyond the Limitations

Supporting my MA in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural at the School of Oriental and African Studies starting in 6 DAYS TIME!

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Project aim

Supporting my Masters degree in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) starting IN 4 DAYS!!!

About the project

I am an aspiring Video Journalist/Documentary Filmmaker and mother to a wonderful 2 year old boy. I have created this page in attempt to raise the remainder of the first year tuition fees to study for an MA in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural at SOAS starting in 7 days time. 

During the second year of my undergraduate degree in Animation and Moving Image I would read extensively about experimental filmmakers who sought to subvert the mainstream conceptions of race, gender and sexuality. This was an issue that American filmmakers such as Lis Rhodes and Julie Dash confronted. Experimental film provided a political platform for women to voice their opinions on the role of women in film.

In the final year of my studies, I became interested in learning about African puppetry and my own cultural heritiage, later producing a puppet animation based on a traditional Nigerian folktale. It endeavoured to amalgamate my research on puppetry as an ancient art form, a method of storytelling and a way of preserving oral tradition.

This journey brought my attention to SOAS. I was fascinated by the extensive information that could really strengthen my research and interest in films, literature and music of African heritage. In my experience, there is a lack of Animation that focuses on the history of West Africa, highlighting the hegemony of western animation companies and how they present black identity in post-modernist society. And thus, the masters in Global Cinemas and the Transcultural is a unique course that will provide me with an in depth study of regional cinemas outside the common research topographies, both geographical and theoretical that is often encountered in mainstream cinema studies.

Stills from my Puppet Animation 'The Dancing Palm Tree'

The Puppet Animation 'Meet Arnold' which I created in the second year of my undergraduate degree:


My Son:

Abstract Painting

Africa, 2015

Acrylic on Canvas

You can find further work of on my website at www.marymartins.com

I have spent the summer working on a documentary that explores the idea of love existing in challenging circumstances. This was a way of solidifying my own aesthetic style, technique and passion for exploring social and political issues within my work.

The final film is still in progress with a completion date of around the end of December, however the video attached to this page will give you an indication of my style and approach.

The film is called ‘Love Through the Divide’ and is the first in the planned series of four short films, the first being the separation of both parents resulting in single motherhood. Part 1 is shot in an experimental documentary style and plays around a series of paintings produced by an 18 month old baby at nursery during the breakdown of the relationship between his Mother and Father. The film rejoices the child's creativity, which in turn leads to the mother’s acceptance of a new life. This causes her to experience moments of happiness and profound beauty.

One of my son's painting which is brought to life by animating with glass paint over clear 16mm film:

I have already received an interest free loan from the charity Futures for Women and a small donation from the actor Sir Ian Mckellan. I am happy to walk away from this dream knowing that they believed in me and that I had the courage to reach out to a few more people with just 4 days before term starts. But most importantly that I did not give up until the very last minute.

Making a £2 donation minus 1.9% + 20p for card payments gives me a donation of £1.42

Likewise making a donation of £10 gives me £9.61

I really hope that you can support me in any way.



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