Women in Brass and Military Bands, c. 1940-1960

Women in Brass and Military Bands, c. 1940-1960

Funding needed for original post-doctoral research into the role of women in brass and military bands c. 1940-1960.

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 I was awarded my PhD in 2015, and I explored the notions of class, gender, culture and region that emerged from Southern Pennine brass bands c. 1840-1914. I have published two book chapters and also have a forthcoming journal article based on this work and I continue to be interested in the social groups that grow from musical networks.

The aim of this research project is to gain a fuller understanding of the role of women in brass and military bands, c. 1940-1960. This research bridges a gap between the Second World War and the upsurge of debate surrounding gender in the 1970s. As such this work not only contributes to the chronology of brass and military bands, but also significantly adds to the debate around issues of gender, status and identity. This project is indeed interdisciplinary. 

As a post-doctoral researcher I will be using the funding to explore national archive collections such as the British Library Newspaper collection and the Brass Band Archive together with visits to the National Archives and other military collections. This research will result in an academic article in a well-regarded musicology or social history journal.

The research will take eight months from May, 2016. The funding is needed to cover travel costs and accomodation, which includes the archival visits, talks to local interest groups and conference presentations, together with a small amount for subsistence. I see an article being ready by March, 2017.




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