Woman-Owned Modest Fashion Brand In UK

by Fashion Cults in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Woman-Owned Modest Fashion Brand In UK


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This project will help me launch my first collection of sustainable, luxury, modest fashion to facilitate diversity in the fashion industry.

by Fashion Cults in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The Law And Justice Podcast My Story1633734899_a9a9ec8b-7d52-487b-852e-3b194d9104e8.jpeg 

I’m Afroja from London, UK. I’m passionate about inclusive and sustainable fashion. As an advocate of sustainable and modest fashion, I wanted to raise global awareness about the benefits of sustainable fashion and the importance of inclusivity in global fashion industry. So, I launched my sustainable, luxury, modest clothing brand during the recent pandemic. Through my brand, I want to inspire and empower women and girls around the world who love modest fashion. In fact, it’s my mission to spread the idea of modest fashion beyond faiths while focusing on sustainable fashion, women empowerment and diversity in fashion.

I’m well aware that modest fashion is a demand of time and thousands of women look for luxury modest clothing but they find it difficult to buy what they need. Through my regular research work, I try to understand the trends and the demands of modest fashion consumers so that my efforts towards inclusivity make sense.

As an advocate of social justice and human rights, I want to educate people on how we can address the injustice, objectification and exploitation in the fashion industry. Please check out my podcast page to learn more about my mission and vision about sustainable modest fashion.
My Brand EthosFashion Cults 

Fashion Cults will offer elegant, ready-to-wear, modest clothing and accessories for women and girls. Our artisan-made, sustainable, designer clothing and accessories will be made from preloved and leftover fabrics sourced from within the UK according to our commitment to sustainability. 

Fashion Cults will create each luxury, designer fashion piece to make women feel proud, empowered, modest and elegant.

Our ultimate goal is to promote sustainable fashion for a cleaner planet for us and our future generations by reducing environmental pollution. As fast fashion has devastating impacts on people and the planet, Fashion Cults will create high quality clothing and accessories out of preloved clothes, textile waste and deadstock fabrics ensuring sustainability and durability for less environmental impacts.
And yes, we will encourage our consumers to buy wisely and repeat their outfits as many times as they can. In fact, sustainability or sustainable lifestyle is a matter of conscious practice and so, we aim to raise global awareness against fast fashion throughout our journey while educating people about the benefits of sustainable fashion.

As we are on a mission to make fashion better, our consciously designed elegant fashion pieces will be stylish, modest, versatile and timeless.
At Fashion Cults, we will refashion used clothes to enhance the life span of those fabrics and will create high quality luxury fashion pieces which will be kind to the environment as upcycling requires less use of raw materials, energy and water. Thus, we will reduce environmental pollution by upcyling pre-owned clothes and saving them from going to landfills.  We believe refashioning or upcycling can be a key solution to achieve sustainability in fashion.

We’ll also design our clothes and accessories consciously and sustainably using leftover or deadstock fabrics. We are against greenwashing and so, while sourcing our materials, we’ll try our best to collect authentic product information. Through our conscious designs and productions, we aim to lower carbon footprints of fashion.

Around 206.456 tonnes of textile waste are produced yearly in the UK and it's one of the largest producers of textile waste. At Fashion Cults, we’ll use textile waste as key materials to make and embellish our elegant luxury clothing and fashion accessories to reduce pollution and to make fashion more sustainable.

And yes, Fashion Cults will offer sustainable modest fashion for women and girls of all faith groups and cultural backgrounds.

In fact, we’ll encourage our consumers and communities to choose sustainable fashion to reduce environmental pollution, to protect human rights and to empower underprivileged people.

And yes, through our unique designs and ideas, we create trends of modest fashion  that are universal and empowering.

Why Crowdfunding?
To achieve my business goals, I need support from investors and individuals who want to see a revolution in the global fashion industry in terms of sustainability and diversity. I’m looking for funding support from around the world and I strongly believe that I’ll be able to make a huge impact on the consumer behaviour and on the whole fashion industry through my unique, inclusive and sustainable fashion ideas. As a woman entrepreneur, it’s very much challenging to work with a creative business idea, but it’s only possible through self-determination and community support. Any support is very much appreciated.

To get rewards, please pledge at least  £100 or more and I will send you a designer patchwork scarf from my first collection of modest fashion!


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For every pledge of at least £100, I will send you a designer patchwork scarf from my first collection of modest fashion. Shipping cost: Free shipping worldwide!

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