Wolverhampton Green Party Fighting Fund

Wolverhampton Green Party Fighting Fund

A snap General Election has been called for Thursday 8th June. Donate today and help us elect and support more Green Party MPs.

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Stand Up for What Matters

Let’s join together and stand up for a just, tolerant society that demands we lead with hope, courage and conviction. Please help us make history and deliver more Green MPs to parliament.

With this snap General Election Theresa May is attempting to force through an extreme Brexit, gloss over her party’s election expenses scandal and avoid having to defend the abysmal record of her Government.

96% of our funding comes from membership and individual donations like yours. We refuse to accept big money from unethical sources so please donate to our campaign so that we can be an even stronger progressive voice in Parliament.

Amy Bertaut

Amy, local mother of two and festival organiser, has been selected as Wolverhampton South East candidate for the Green Party. Amy, age 28, has previously worked in the music and event industry and organises the annual Shrewsbury Folk Festival.

I have lived in Wolverhampton all my life, except for 4 years in Edinburgh for university, and I love this city. Wolverhampton is a fantastic place to live and work but it is under pressure from cuts to public services, with our schools especially feeling the pinch.

As a young mom with my eldest starting school in September, I am particularly passionate about the Green Party's commitment to scrapping SATs tests which put unnecessary pressure and stress on children and teachers. I also believe strongly in the benefits of children having access to the outdoors - both at school and at home - with safe spaces to play.

The EU referendum proved that when people know their vote counts, they get out and makes their voices heard. I am hugely in favour of proportional representation so every single time you vote, your vote will count. For too long we have lived with an outdated system that means mediocre MPs feel they don't need to fight for your vote because their seat is 'safe'! That needs to change.

The Green Party is offering a new kind of Britain, one that thrives with the environment, not fights against it. One that works for everyone, so on the 8th June, vote for what matters.

Andrea Cantrill

Andrea, the Green Party candidate for Wolverhampton South West in 2015, returns to fight the seat again in 2017. Andrea, age 40, is a parent, reflexologist and well-known campaigner for improved services across the City.

I stood as parliamentary candidate in Wolverhampton South West in 2015 and am pleased to have been chosen to fight the seat again in 2017. I am currently local treasurer for Wolverhampton Green Party. 

The Green Party echoes my own core values and belief in fairness and equality. I believe in community and change and want a world where everyone thinks for themselves and works together.

The Green Party believes that we create the ideas and pass them upwards, not having a need to be told how to live. We believe nurses know how to nurse and teachers know how to teach, so let them, ask them and share good practice. We want to keep public services in public hands, so stop the privatisation of the NHS, renationalise the railways, and tax people and companies fairly to pay for this. Most of all we know that without protecting this planet we are nothing.

I would like to give people the chance to vote for the Green Party and an opportunity to see real change from the system we are currently living within. It’s our choice. What role models do we want for future generations? What society do we want?

Please take a look at our our policies and vote for what you believe in, but please do vote. Just take a moment to enter ‘green party policies’ into your search engine and together let’s “be the change we want to see”.

Clive Wood

Clive, semi-retired marketing consultant, has been selected as Green Party candidate for Wolverhampton North East. Clive, age 58, has lived in Wolverhampton for 33 years. He has worked in industry, education, business services and the charity sector.

I have lived in Wolverhampton for 33 years and seen first-hand the effect of the cuts imposed by Government unfairly hard on this area. People who are in the most need are being squeezed savagely. Wolverhampton is a great place to live – and it could be better still with the Green Party’s  fresh, fair approach to politics. 

I am not a professional politician. I have worked in manufacturing industry, the voluntary sector, business to business services and the education sector - in marketing, minibus driving and more. This wide background has shown me that there can be another, better way of running things. One that isn’t based on short-term profits, cutting key services, leaning on those most in need - and harming the environment and people’s health.

We need more resources now for health, education and transport – and we need the job opportunities and financial savings we can get by switching to a low carbon economy.

Beyond Brexit we will need to continue to work closely with Europe - and to meet or exceed the environmental protections, safety and welfare standards that Europe has led on.

The free market delivers poor results in many areas - there is an opportunity now to change our approach to the economy, resource use, transport, health and social care.

It’s time to stand up for what matters. I strongly believe that we need to take action to protect our environment now. This election is about improving people’s quality of life and health - and protecting the planet that our children will inherit.

Following their successful selection at a meeting of local party members, the three candidates pledged to make protecting local A&E services, tackling air pollution and increasing the amount of social and affordable housing key priorities for their campaign and if elected, their work as an MP.