Make Witney Radio an FM station in your community

To raise £4000 to buy equipment that will allow OFCOM to commission Witney Radio as an FM station by May 2017 for live FM broadcasts in June

We did it!

On 16th Apr 2017 we successfully raised £944 with 23 supporters in 56 days

Update 26th March 2017

Thank you to everyone who has donated or purchased a reward so far. Every penny does make a difference. We spent Saturday 25th March in Market Square in Witney to show our community what Witney Radio is about and the feedback was 100% positive. 

We've made a new video explaining why we need community radio in Witney. We hope you've watched it.

Please donate to our project or why not treat someone to a special reward? Buy them a "co-host a show" reward where they can become a DJ for the day. 

Every penny really does make a difference to us.

Thank you.

The Story So Far

In 2010, Barry Clack set up a community TV station called Witney TV. He did this because he felt that there was no local news source in the area to reflect the aftermath of the general election after the national press left. There were still a lot of local stories left to be told. 

Having got a long way with Witney TV, Barry spoke to a friend who asked if he had ever considered radio. Barry had always loved radio and music. He soon realised that the situation for local radio was the same as it was for TV, or maybe even worse. He spent some time looking into it and discovered that there were local community radio stations and that organisations could apply for a special FM Radio License. In order to do that you really needed a lot of people around you and also to first set up an online radio station.

Witney Radio recruited around 30 volunteers and broadcast as an online radio station for around 4 years. During this time, it promoted local events, including Witney Beer Festival, Witney Carnival and Witney Feast as well as Nor Lye and Finstock Festivals, to mention a few. It helped raise public awareness about flooding, local elections and housing developments. It promoted businesses, individuals and events based within the community. It provided local news and traffic information. It promoted bands and music from within the community.

In October 2015 it was finally announced that FM applications were open and Witney Radio was able to make an application. In 2016 Witney Radio discovered it was successful. It was one of the best applications out of hundreds to OFCOM and it was selected for an FM licence. For the first time in 4 years, Witney Radio closed so that renovations and a new studio build could take place.

Now Witney Radio needs to raise funds for the equipment and licenses needed to run the Radio Station as an FM station. To do this Witney Radio needs your help!

Witney Radio needs at least £4000 to buy equipment and licenses that will allow OFCOM to commission it as an FM station by May 2017. In the hope that it is able to broadcast on Witney Radio’s new FM frequency no later than June 1st 2017. 

We have put together a series of 'rewards' that we hope will appeal to everyone and all budgets, from the small to the large. Some of the 'rewards' are only offered once e.g. the chance to be the first voice on Witney Radio FM. Some are limited availability such as co-hosting a show. However, we have lots of rewards for your support, from having your name on our supporter’s page, through a tweet, a mug, or a T-shirt, or even doing a dedication or 60 minute playlist. If you have a local band you can use supporting Witney Radio as an opportunity to promote your band and play your song.

All that Witney Radio asks is that, however much you can offer, you support us and help us become an important source of community information and entertainment for all of Witney and the surrounding area

 Thank You!

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