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We aim to provide Menstrual cups to women who have limited access to sanitary products. Our current focus is in rural Nepal.

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WiseCup!... to accessible sanitary products.

This project was born in a rural village in Nepal.

We aim to provide menstrual cups to women who would not otherwise have access to alternative sanitary products.

What is a Menstrual cup? A menstrual cup is a washable, reusable, financially friendly, eco-friendly and comfortable sanitary cup made of silicone. The use of this will improve the village women' menstrual health and wellbeing, especially during their labour heavy work. The cups can be reused over many years and as we provide the cups free of charge, it is a financially friendly option.

Why a Menstrual cup? During our time as ICS volunteers in the Sindhuli district of Nepal, we organised a Women's Health Day accross a number of villages to promote female health and provide free medical check ups. This was in collaboration with a local hospital. One issue that arose frequently was the poor menstrual hygenie of many of the women, an issue often creating further health issues. The taboos surrounding periods in the villages make it even harder for women to seek advice and alternatives . We thought introducing the Menstrual cup would be a great idea, giving the women autonomy over their periods.

The project- Through fundraising we will aim to raise enough money to buy the cups and ship them out to Nepal. From there our Nepal based team will distribute the cups to the women who have signed up to the project. We will also be contacting Menstrual cup providers for any support they can offer.

We want to further the project, reaching out to more women in need across different countries, and providing them with this friendly, hygenic alternative.

We can only do this with your help. Periods do not have to be a burden.

WiseCup and join us!

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