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Jodie and Heidi, a woman and a child, meet in unusual circumstances. Forced into each other's company, they find adventure and themselves.

by Wisdom Teeth in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target


Thanks to the overwhelming generosity we have been able to stretch our target! You are now helping us with Post-production Costs. This'll be spent on Sound Design, Editing, Colouring and getting the deliverables (DCP) for the film. Whatever we have spare will also go into Festivals. Again, very grateful for your help so far! 


This is the story of Jodie, a woman on the road to recovery or more accurately reinvention. With some sage advice from a slightly odd nine year old, the two embark on an afternoon of adventures, where two lost souls find themselves figuring out that life is all about balance.



Wisdom teeth is a social commentary on growing up and taking responsibility for yourself and others around you. Sometimes it is the adult who wants to be a kid and the child who has to be an adult; a balancing act of not taking life too seriously but also knowing when to step up to the plate. In the middle, our characters find common ground and a world where both of these types of people can exist. It’s very much a film for our era where we take life very seriously and, when you live through a pandemic, we realise that we have to cherish those moments of fun and hold on to them when we can. 


We are asking for your support to bring this project to life to help with the final production costs. We have successfully raised half the budget from private funding but we still need a little extra to make it happen. You'll be helping us bring our world alive through production, costume and make up design, kit hire and helping us keep the crew safe and fed. You are also helping us with location expenses and transport costs (van hire, petrol) , as well as fund the work of fellow creatives affected by the circumstances of the world today (for example, the amazing concept art done by illustrator Vanruethai Chansue. Please do check out her work!) 

 And, of course, you are helping us bring a beautiful and necessary story to life. 


A. K. McCallum - Producer

ANNA KARENINA is a short film producer whose projects have screened at BAFTA and BIFA qualifying festivals. Her most recent short film, ‘We Met Before’, was a finalist at the Academy Award qualifying Flicker's Rhode Island International Film Festival. She also works in the Assistant Director's department in HETV and Film on shows such as BBC's Trigonometry (2019) , Us (2019) , Strike: Lethal White (2019) or on Warner Bro's recently announced film Boxing Day (2021).

i: @a.k.mccallum 

t: @akmccallum

Stephen Gallacher - Director

STEPHEN  is a BAFTA crew writer and director who has made several short films and the feature film 'Nothing Man'. The feature has been recently distributed by High Octane Pictures across the USA and Canada, Taiwan and several other countries on DVD and VOD. His short film ‘Unexpected Item’, starring Jamie Blackley and Olivia Colman, won ten awards worldwide from eighteen different festivals and has been released internationally on Amazon and iTunes through Shorts TV, it is also available on Discover Film. Stephen has also cultivated a successful career as an assistant director across various films and TV shows including being the 2nd AD on Fleabag season 2, The Split season 2, and as crowd 3rd AD on The Crown season 1 and 2. 

i: @stephengallacher

t: @SGallacherFilm

Rosie Fox - Writer

ROSIE is a London based writer and actor originally from Northumberland. After graduating from East 15 Acting School Rosie worked for 7 years as an actor, mostly in theatre. She has performed all over the world including a West End run in ‘Leave Hitler To Me, Lad’ at the Leicester Square Arts Theatre, ‘Transmissions’ at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester, ‘The Gentle Giant’ at The Children’s Theatre in Shanghai, several shows at The Middlesbrough Theatre and ‘How Did We Get To This Point?’ with Alphabetti theatre in Newcastle. Her writing credits include Meal Ticket (2013 - The Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Half Silvered (2015 - Right Up Ur Street Festival) and recipient of the Arts Council Funded Development Grant Turtles (2019 - Slung Low & King’s Head Theatre). She also works in Film and Television as a Assistant Location Manager and her credits include True Things About Me (2021), After Love (2020) and Martyr’s Lane (2019) as a Location Manager.

i: @foxyrosie14 

Ania Bahadrian - Director of Photography

ANIA is an aspiring cinematographer who has worked alongside the likes of Mike Leigh and Dick Pope in her extensive career in the Camera Department. Her work has taken her across Europe on Feature Films and HETV, with credits such as such as Humans, Cheat, Us, Trigonometry, and most recently the feature films Boxing Day and True Things About Me. She also has experience in commercials for major international brands and has shot a variety of music videos.

i: @aniabahadrian 

Joshua Brooks - Art Director

JOSHUA is an aspiring London based Set Designer. He has worked on many professional TV, commercial and music video productions which have been shown at a selection of the UKs leading film festivals such as London Film Festival and Sheffield Doc Fest. He brings a wealth of invaluable experience and knowledge of art and design history to any project he is involved with.

i: @jja.brooks

Rute Gomes - Sound Recordist

RUTE is a sound engineer that works within both Production and Post production audio. She greatly enjoys using her skills as a sound engineer to work on projects that outline social issues found in today’s modern life, from domestic abuse and racial injustices to mental health and social economic status’. Her career has led her to work with and have projects released by BFI, The Guardian, Amazon and various independent outlets. Her next highest priority is to continue to dominate more positions within the audio department.

i: @fauxdio




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