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by Emma, Davyd & Kirsty in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

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To provide inspirational, educational, nature based healing & indigenous wisdom to our online global community.

by Emma, Davyd & Kirsty in Stroud, England, United Kingdom

Creating an online learning resource for Plant Intelligence, Earth Lore & Indigenous Wisdom

WisdomHub.tv is a unique online learning website, delivering educational, inspirational and authentic teachings from the world of nature, healing, earth lore and indigenous wisdom with the objective of helping people reconnect back to nature. This online resource currently hosts the filmed talks from the ground-breaking Plant Consciousness and The Shamanic Lands events as well as interviews and teachings with renowned teachers, healers and medicine men and women.  The site currently hosts over £100 worth of pay per view content.

We have been running transformational and nature based events for many years now and want to develop this unique online learning resource to take these events and important knowledge to a wider audience to increase the efficacy of the teachings. We will deliver quality monthly online courses and tutorials with highly regarded teachers as well as offer more exclusive, inspirational and educational videos all focused on guiding us back to a co-creative and co-evolutionary relationship with nature and therefore back to a balanced, healthy and empowered way of being.

The ethos of WisdomHub TV has and always will be community based; through coming together in a central hub we can radiate the teachings of nature back out to the global community members. To achieve the development of the WisdomHub TV site and deliver a continuous stream of courses and educational and inspiring teachings and interviews at a cost effective price for everyone we will be changing the site to a monthly subscription of just £5/$6.50. 

We are asking for your help for the re-development of the site and the initial filming of the incredible courses we have lined up for you.  You can be part of our online community for £5 / $6.50 a month and have access to not only the existing full library of content but to the monthly online courses on subjects covering nature based healing modalities, working with earth energies, making herbal remedies and medicines, spiritual teachings for self-mastery and transformation, indigenous wisdom teachings and much more.  Scroll down for vids and info on the first 3 courses you can have access to on the new WisdomHub.tv!

To change the world we simply need to change ourselves and  we want to support you on this path.

How it works

 - Choose a pledge amount on the right and commit to a certain number of months on WisdomHub TV.

(If you are pledging from the US the exchange rate is approximately 1.3USD to the Pound Sterling.  e.g.  £15 = $19.50)

 - At the end of the Crowdfunder period (mid-August) we will send you an email with a link to set up your WisdomHub TV account and you will have free access for the number of months you have pledged and we will also send you the gifts for the larger donations. Your subscription to WisdomHub therefore starts as soon as you receive the email and you set up your account.

-Note: we will also ask for your credit card details as part of the sign up process for WisdomHub TV. Your subscription will automatically be carried on after your initial pledge period, however you can unsubscribe from WisdomHub.tv at any time with no penalties.

The first 3 WisdomHub Online Workshops below will be available on the site in August.

The WisdomHub online workshops will provide the perfect place to start and continue your journey into nature, towards a place of healing and balance. We can learn so much from the plant kingdom, both about ourselves and the nature of reality.

Pam Montgomery - Plant Communication

In this 3 part workshop, one of the world’s leading plant spirit healers’, Pam Montgomery, will guide you through the foundational principles of working with the conscious intelligence of plants and trees. Connecting with the spirits of plants is beneficial for our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. By building a lasting relationship with these benevolent beings they can support us in our every day life by bringing protection, insights, guidance, strength and development of our psychic skills, so beneficial for healers.

This workshop is plant consciousness 101! Pam will bring the essence of her 30 years of teaching and working with plant consciousness to you - we hope you connect deeply with the wisdom and therefore with the plants and trees in your garden.

This workshop is the first part of a continued series of plant spirit healing workshops.

Paul Strode - Flower Essences

A great entry point for your journey into the plant kingdom is with flower essences. A flower essence is the imprint of the consciousness / bio-resonance of a plant or tree in water, fixed with an alcohol or cider vinegar. Paul Strode of Wildflower Essences will demonstrate how to prepare your own powerful essences and how to work with them from a therapeutic perspective.

Orion Foxwood - Teachings from The Otherworld

Orion Foxwood is the living embodiment of 3 lineages of folk and magic traditions in the US. His southern roots and connections to the Celtic traditions bring his teachings of the Otherworld alive in this 3 part workshop. How are the folk tales of the faery realm and inner realms of nature relevant today? What can we learn from our ancestors’ way of living with the earth and all the beings that dwell therein?

This online workshop is a fascinating adventure through the magical practices, charms and authentic teachings from a race of beings with whom our ancestors had a much deeper relationship with, the Shining Ones.

And plenty more to come!!

Plus Get Access To All The Plant Consciousness Event Talks & Presentations


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