Lets Go Mega for Metro.

by Christopher in Birkenhead, England, United Kingdom

Lets Go Mega for Metro.
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

My name is Christopher Jamieson and swimming is an everyday event for me. Wirral Metro and I need your help to keep a little club afloat.

Our aim is to swim the equivalent distance from Birkenhead to Paris (host of Olympics 2024). This distance is about 722km (as the crow flies) we have rounded this up to 755Km

As a group effort this will require a high level of commitment from all our swimmers.

As a club we rely on gala's to raise funds for the day to day running of the club, but unfortunately the pandemic put a stop to that this year and as a result we are raising money in lots of ways to reach a target of £9500. Once we meet this Swim England will match our amount and this will keep us going for another year, by which time we hope Gala's will be running and hopefully life will be getting back to normal.

So please, please, please help a small fish in a big pond.

thank you


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