Wipe a Tear

Through this project we want to raise awareness for the great work of GOSH hospital and £350.

We did it!

On 25th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £26 with 6 supporters in 28 days

The aim of our project is to raise awareness and £350 for the GOSH hospital.


GOSH is known as a voluntary hospital, running fundraising campaigns for new buildings from the 1850s onwards. It has since become one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals, housing the widest range of specialists under one roo

Our goal is to enhance Gosh mission statement of:

1. Deliver world-class clinical care to children around the UK.

2. Undertaking innovative research that will lead to new and improved treatments for children everywhere.

3. Sharing expertise through education and the training of children's healthcare professionals.

We would appreciate your help and support in terms of donations.






For more information please visit www.gosh.nhs.uk 




Virginia Krieger

My name is Virginia Krieger, and I am studying International Marketing at the University of Westminster. I am really passionate about travelling and new experiences. In my last trip to South East Asia I volunteered in a orphanage home as well as teaching young monks English in a monk school . Therefore, this project is really important to me, helping to raise general awareness of the great work of GOSH hospital. 


Teresa Osti


My name is Teresa Osti and I am currently studying International Marketing at Westminster University. Last summer I had the great opportunity of working as an intern for Save The Children Italia in Rome. Even though I worked in the marketing department, I was constantly in touch with stories from children in need of help coming from all around the world. I look forward to working in this project with the hope of making a positive impact for GOSH hospital. 


Omar Ibn El Farour

My name is Omar Ibn El Farouk, I am currently studying Business Management at the University of Westminster. Each time I come back to Morocco, I do my best to spend my time usefully by doing internships and keep learning as well as gaining some more experience, but also trying to help others specifically orphans in a volunteering association called NADA as a co-ordinator. This project is a great opportunity for me to keep helping while studying here in London, and I hope that my group and I will succeed in enhancing GOSH mission.


Alexander Schultz

My name is Alexander Schultze, I am currently studying Business Management at the University of Westminster. This project is really important to me as I strongly believe in helping other people and supporting them as much as possible. In the past I was involved in social projects to support children effected by poverty in Germany. The program sponsored  them to enter sports clubs and provided older people who they could talk about any problems they had. I am looking forward to work on this new project and to raise money for people who need help.


Liam Traveller

My name is Liam Traveller and i am studying Business Management at the University of Westminster. I am a supporter of  Great Ormond Street Hospital as i believe hospitals can be a scary place when you are young and they do the best to make it a much friendlier and a less daunting place for very young and ill children. 


Ayla Keilani


My name is Ayla Keilani and I am currently studying Marketing Management at the University of Westminster. I participated in various fund raising projects in the past as well as organizing events in order to raise money for a good cause. This project will help us raise awareness in order support the GOSH hospital in helping children in need. 





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