Wintergreen UK - supporting mental health

by Wendy Scott in Higher Kinnerton, Wales, United Kingdom

Wintergreen UK - supporting mental health
We did it
On 14th April 2019 we successfully raised £564 with 10 supporters in 42 days

Providing FREE mindfulness therapy & wellness to veterans & others with mental health difficulties in Flintshire, Cheshire & Wrexham

by Wendy Scott in Higher Kinnerton, Wales, United Kingdom

We want to raise £2000 in 42 days with your help.

At Wintergreen UK we are supporting individuals to improve their wellness and mental health. We provide a holistic approach to relaxation and stress reduction in the community and this will complement other therapies the individual may be undertaking. We are a small non-profit organisation and hope to gain full charity status by the end of 2019.

FREE Therapies on offer:

1. Mindfulness based therapy in small groups

2. Reiki - one-to-one

3. aromatherapy - one-to-one

The founding trustee is Wendy who is a mental health pharmacist, also trained in holistic therapies, and has a close family history of military service.

These groups are our priorities:

1. military veterans and their families, 

2. civilian emergency service personnel

3. others who work in high stress environments, 

4. anyone suffering mental health difficulties

Although we are prioritising veterans, we recognise that there are other professions and/or individuals who may be suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, grief. We do not wish to exclude any group so all are welcome to access our free service.

How we will use the donations

Our volunteers and trustees give their time for FREE. We have no employees or paid levels within our organisation.

This is why we are raising crowdfunding:

Premises (rental of rooms)

Folding therapy chairs

Yoga/meditation mats

Therapy table

Aromatherapy oils

Volunteer uniforms

With this equipment your donation will translate into:

  • £10 donation...................provides a 1 hour session for 1 person

  • £50 donation...................provides 5 places on a 1 hour mindfulness session

  • £80 donation....................8 x 1 hour sessions (full recommended course) for one person

  • £150 donation.................provides 5 places for 1 hour..................across 3 different locations

  • £400 donation..................full recommended course of 8 sessions for 5 people (at 1 venue)

  • £1200................full recommended course of 8 sessions for 5 people (across 3 venues)


 " help cope with the feelings of anxiousness I was struggling with. I have a wonderful support network and Wendy has been one of the main rocks in my life, ........ I dread to think where I might have been if I hadn't found help when I did..." (Mel Parry - civilian)


In the last 13 months alone, 89 military personnel and/or veterans took their own lives. Shocking isn't it!! Delve a little deeper and you will find many more have attempted suicide but have survived and many, many more who have suicidal thoughts due to mental health difficulties. These difficulties often go un-diagnosed due to the fear of stigma, feelings of failure or embarrassment. It takes an average of 4 years for a veteran to come forward for help with their mental health. This MUST change.

Speaking to veterans myself, I have identified that a common struggle to engaging with civilian mental health services is purely the belief that they will be drawn into having to speak about their problems when they don't want to, are not ready to, or don't know how to. Some have little insight and don't believe they have a mental health problem. This may lead to mental health crisis.

Many sufferers reach the NHS mental health services at crisis point when they desperately need help but the system is at breaking point. Waiting lists for therapy are often long; although veterans are supposed to be given priority many do not identify themselves as veterans early enough in the system.

What we provide

We are a non-talking service offering a gentle holistic approach and aim to complement conventional therapies, bringing choice and empowerment to those suffering from stress, PTSD, grief, anxiety, depression and chronic pain in a deeply relaxing environment. This is an early intervention program evidenced by the NICE guidelines (MBT only).

Supporting individuals to reach a place where they are able to start their journey of recovery without having to verbalise or talk about it before they are ready. When they are ready to move on, we provide a signposting service to the appropriate level of help in their local area.

"We fill the gap that opens up when people feel they need a little support.......earlier intervention may prevent mental health crisis"

Service delivery

This is delivered  by qualified volunteer therapists in small groups at local venues in Flintshire, Wrexham and West Cheshire. The venues are local village/community halls or assembly rooms on a weekly basis. Keeping it in the heart of the community builds resilience within the community itself.

Service users will be able to undertake a course of therapy over a number of specified weeks.

Talking is strictly optional...........and even discouraged whilst therapy is underway.

There is an opportunity for private discussion before or after therapy by a qualified therapist if required.

(Note: this is NOT a crisis service)

If you wish to become a volunteer and/or a member of Wintergreen UK or any company or individual wishes to donate a reward for this crowdfunder, please contact us by email:

or on our website:

Thank you for your support


Wendy Scott

MPharm, MRPharmS, PGCertPsychTher


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more

Membership Reward

Everyone who donates a minimum of £5 will be offered a membership of Wintergreen UK for 3 years (no further donation required). This will entitle you to vote at the AGM, either in person or by proxy. You will receive a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date with Wintergreen UK activities and fundraising events. This offer is open to UK and international donations on receipt of a valid email address.

£8 or more

Bath bomb/bubbles Reward

Have a long lingering soak in the bath on us!!! With a range of fragrances to choose from we are giving away ONE bath bomb or bath bubbles to everyone who donates a minimum of £8 (even if you qualify for a higher reward). These have been kindly donated by Catherine Clayton of Bath, Beauty & Beyond ( and also by Wendy Scott (Founder/Director Wintergreen UK)

£15 or more

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Rimmel lipstick and nails

Pucker-up and polish-up with these 'Lips and Tips' sets by Rimmel. Contents: Stay Matte liquid lip colour (be my baby) 60 seconds super-shine nail polish (darling! you are fabulous)

£20 or more

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4 piece cutlery set

16 piece, marbled effect, cutlery set by Sabichi London. Setting for 4 places, contemporary design that fits with any colour palette.

£30 or more

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Filofax organiser

Filofax Metropol leather look personal organiser with 2019 diary inserts. Colour - amber orange

£60 or more

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Coffee machine

Morphy Richards Nespresso coffee capsules machine in flame red. Model 179002. (capsules not provided) Note that this reward is only available to UK donations due to prohibitive international postage costs.

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