"Now is the Winter of our Discontent"

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"Now is the Winter of our Discontent"
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T-Recks-It! wishes to engage in Non-Violent Direct Action. Publicity Stunts and general capers...

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T-Recks-It! is the last of his breed, surviving in Wales he has been unaffected by society and has seen Britain flourish...he heard of a vote where the people of the UK decided to take themselves back 50 years to a time that Mr Rex remembers...it was sh*t! Power cuts, strikes and the threat of Nuclear strike from either side!

Mr Rex can't believe that the UK Government are going to lead their people into an economic sucide and wreck the country on the basis of a 36% vote from the populace. He is raging!

Mr Rex follows the Anarchism political model popular with his ancestors and whilst he realises it is diffcult to apply to 21st democracy, he feels it needs a good showing, to try and reign in the "democracy" that is leading to Fascism!

Mr Rex remembers that time and will do anything to stamp it out!

Stop Brexit and Smash Fascism!

Mr Rex has loads of ideas and some good contacts, so buy him a Roast Chicken and donate £3 or even a Pint £5....

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