winstons op

winstons op

Meet winston.... he's currently 15 weeks old. English bulldog. In need of an op for 2 growths on his pulmonary artery. Please help.

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Meet winston.... he's currently 15 weeks old. English bulldog.

Me and my family had wanted a pet for ages so I done some research. .... knew we wanted a dog. Found that the English bulldog was rated best for very young children as we have a nearly 4 year old son and near 2 year old daughter....I then went onto do more research to find out about the temperament and history of the bulldog. Decided this was the one for us.... so months pass.... we find a breeder, full pedigree english bulldog with dad being crufts champion along with other champs. 

The day we went to visit we all instantly fell in love with winston and knew we just had to take him home. 

We had to wait 2 weeks due to him being only 6 weeks old so needed more vaccines etc. 

The day finally came.... 8th January..... we could finally go pick up the pooch, the same day he had his last visit to his vets for last vaccines before rehoming..... so 2pm comes... phone call..... breeder explained how shocked they were to find out that winston had a detected slight heart murmur, possibly nothing to worry about as they can outgrow them and it was slight. So breeder was honest and called before we went to collect explaining all of this and asked if we still wanted him..... how could we not, we fell in love with him. I couldn't not take him home. 

2 weeks later we take winston to the vets for flee treatment and vaccines etc to find that the slight heart murmur was now significant. .... so were referred to another vet for echo scan etc.... we get the call that he's ready to be picked up and need to speak to us when we arrive. This didn't sound good. My husband went straight to the vets and came back looking absolutely devastated, I kinda didn't want to ask,..... Winston has 2 growths in his pulmonary artery stopping the blood to flow properly and if he doesn't have surgery asap he won't make it to his 1st birthday. They said that Liverpool specialist veterinary surgery would be in contact with us asap. 

The call came...7th March for his op.

We are fully insured and original were told this would cover his operation which will cost  £5000 (would just need to pay excess) so thought thank God it will all be OK we can get him sorted etc...... 

Today 25th February 1 week till op date and I have another phone call from our insurance company. ..... Winston is actually not covered as he had a detected heart murmur before we actually bought him home. All because our breeder was honest and open from the word go. I feel like we have all been taken for a ride and would appreciate any help anyone can give. Be it a donation or advice please. 

My husband and myself are absolutely gutted and at a loss as to what to do. My children adore winston and my son use to have a fear of dogs. He's made a massive impact on our life's already. We just wish we could had many more years together.

Thank you for reading

Claire x