Wings For Warriors

Training wounded veterans as professional pilots - help us develop our training school?

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Wings for Warriors is a charity, which facilitates the training of wounded, injured and sick veterans as professional pilots.

We go further and do more for wounded troops,  helping them develop their confidence, skills and earning potential long into the future.

Imagine being blown up, losing a leg and then being told your career is over? The future can quickly become scary, uncertain and life can seem negative.

That's where we come in with the aim to restore veterans with a future they may never have dreamed possible even before injury. Nobody should live their lives looking backwards and thinking the best is over.

To date former beneficiaries are working as airline pilots, flight instructors and even for the Coastguard flying Search and Rescue helicopters.

We facilitate this transition completely free of charge and we don't even take a salary.

But now, after 8 years of begging and borrowing we need our own home if we're going to carry on with our important work.

We've done a lot with a little but we need funding now in order to build a permanent base from which to train veterans, host outreach programs and provide a support hub.

Please help give us the tools to help more veterans than ever before?