Win Green MPs in snap election in North Tyneside

Win Green MPs in snap election in North Tyneside

To enable North Tyneside Borough Green Party to stand parliamentary candidates in both Constituencies of North Tyneside & Tynemouth

We did it!

On 24th May 2017 we successfully raised £600 with 7 supporters in 21 days

With your support every voter in the constituencies of Tynemouth and North Tyneside will have the choice of a Green candidate in this snap election.  This will be the second time we've done this.  Each time we stand candidates in North Tyneside Borough, the numbers and percentages increase.

Green policies are the only ones which work for the benefit of the planet as a whole.  And only in Green politics is the connection to climate change made in everything we do.

The Green Party is the only political party which links policies for the long term, not just in the short view of a political term. 

We are the only party who are a world-wide force, who are looking into the future for our children and beyond, and who believe that equality and fairness in our society are imperative to the well-being and happiness of all.    

Please help us work with other Green elected representatives across our country and across other countries to help bring our governments to account and ensure that the extremes of Tory austerity are brought under control.  Help us work to protect our resources and environment, ensure clean energy becomes the norm and that education and housing of good standard are the norm for everyone, not the few.  And last but not least, help us ensure that the British people have a choice over the terms of Brexit.

Please help us help everyone.

Thank you.

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