Yorkshire Airsoft Assault Course & Shooting Range

by Jonathan Wilson in Castleford, England, United Kingdom


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Bring to Yorkshire an exciting Assault Course complete with obstacles, rooms to clear and lots of targets to shoot! Oh and a Shooting Range.

by Jonathan Wilson in Castleford, England, United Kingdom

Wilson Airsoft UK will bring an exciting Airsoft activity based in Castleford, Yorkshire. Find out all about what we will be offering upon launch down below.

We will launch 2 main activities, the first being an Assault Course;

- No experience needed, just energy and enthusiasm

- Crawl under, jump over, run up, hop off and run across different obstacles

- Enter and clear various rooms - be mindful NOT to shoot those hostages.. But don't worry they are only paper!

- Complete runs against the clock competitively or just for fun

- Themed elements throughout the year such as Zombies added during Halloween

- The course will change every few months, so it wont stay the same, you will have to learn the course all over again!

- We will also run the course with Nerf guns, Laser tag style guns and targets and our querky bean bag wars, all there for those not wanting or old enough to use Airsoft! Especially good for parties and event hire (more below)

Our second activity on site will be a Shooting Range;

- Again don't worry if this will be the first time firing an Airsoft gun, we are on hand to help!

- Weapon hire available including ammunition

- Each lane will have a mixture of paper and electronic targets for different shooting practices and challenges

- Suitable for Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle and Support Weapons

- Book in advance and even chose some of the paper targets you want to display such as; Circular, zombie, normal body, dartboard/scoreboard, etc

- We will also regularly run gun game events, where you start at lane 1 and work along shooting set targets on each lane with a different gun such as Pistol, then SMG, then Shotgun - fastest time wins and you can't finish a lane until every target is hit. Prizes for the overall winner!

So what other services will we offer?

As mentioned above we can tailor the shooting range and assault course to use NERF, Laser Tag, Archery or Bean Bags (like little soft grenades, good for the youngsters on a party!)

We will offer a specially designed Team Building day for any business, with full venue hire, Team Building trust activity managed by our team, as well as full access to the Assault Course and Shooting range using any Airsoft or other desired weapon!

We will have everything required to turn up and 'give it a go', weapon hire, eye/face protection, ammunition, gas and batteries. Its a really cost effective activity for the kit you get to use!

On site will be a small shop for some accessories needed if you wish to use your own Airsoft weapons, as well as numerous snacks, drinks and even some fresh home made buns!

What about the site and business itself?

This is a project i am working on myself, i don't have a lot of funding which is why i am reaching out on Crowdfunder, but i have a massive passion and enthusiasm to make this business a reality, and make Wilson Airsoft UK an amazing venue to visit for something a little bit different than the usual escape room or other activity of a similar cost!

The venue therefore will not be huge to start initially, the plan being to establish the business on a good base build up trust and a good name providing excellent service and value for money activities. Then over time develop the site and grow to make even more!

This means there will be a limit of 4 shooting range lanes and a limited number allowed on the course, as each run is done solo, so there will then be a few minutes between each run to reload ammunition, have a drink and catch your breath whilst the other customers do their runs. Making it run quite constant and give you full access the course for every run, no bumping into anyone!

What about or aims to support the community?

I want this project to ultimately support the local community in a few different ways. I strongly believe in getting people who like videos games based on guns and similar activities and swap the TV for the real life range and assault course. For the price of a Xbox live pass someone can have a lot of activity running around the course, and build / make friends with others coming along!

I would like to enhance this by eventually growing to a sustainable level and then working with younger age groups to create a club which doesn't need to use Airsoft but other forms, whilst still using the Assault Course to compete with each other on scores and times in a fun and enjoyable way. All for a reasonable price for parents/families in the local area.

I would finally like to eventually when the business needs to grow take on people from the local area, the aim being to grow an apprenticeship scheme focusing on customer service. I started my career as an apprentice and would like to make a great place to give the same back to the next youngster starting their career.

Oh and not to forget, all buildings, structures and items wherever possible will be bought or sourced from local traders / businesses.

What about my pledge?

You're pledge always gets you access to a pass, service or product to use when we launch. If for some reason it gets funded but we don't open (impossible!!) all pledges would be refunded, 100% guarantee.

Hope to see you support my project and then come down and join in, and most importantly, get active and have fun!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Reward = 2 x 1 Hour Passes & Annual Membership

This reward gives you 2 x 1 Hour Passes to use with us anytime Monday - Sunday after opening, to take on the assault course and/or shooting range. You will also receive an Annual Membership, allowing you discounted rates for you and a guest anytime you visit us again! You also receive discounts on any equipment hire or food and drink purchases. Additionally for your 2 x 1 Hour Passes you will get FREE pistol hire and ammunition.

£20 or more

£20 Reward = 2 x 1 Hour Passes with Pistol Hire

With this reward you will receive 2 x 1 Hour passes to book and visit us once we launch. You will be able to test out the venue including the Assault Course and Shooting Range on any day Monday - Sunday! You will also receive FREE pistol hire and ammunition for both 1 hour passes.

£100 or more

£100 Reward = 12 x 1 Hour Passes Inc Rifle Hire

This rewards allows you to really enjoy the site and make some savings when we open. You will receive 12 x 1 Hour Passes to use for the shooting range and/or assault course anytime Monday - Sunday. You could even just use them once a month and last the whole year! Each pass comes complete with FREE Assault Rifle or SMG hire and ammunition, so you can get hold of some bigger fire power!

£250 or more

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£250 Reward = Ultimate Package and Hire Any Weapon

This is our ultimate reward, you will receive 15 x 1 Hour Passes to use anytime Monday - Sunday once we open. Not only that you will be invited to our select invite only pre-launch event to test out the Assault Course and Shooting Range before anyone else. This reward also includes an annual membership and on top of all that you will receive FREE hire of any weapon available and ammunition for each pass used.

Let's make 'Yorkshire Airsoft Assault Course & Shooting Range' happen

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