William's travelling fees

by Ann Law in Kingsteignton, England, United Kingdom

William's travelling fees
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After having to be home educated for 4 yrs due to dyslexia/memory problems William has got into Bicton College but we need travel expenses.

by Ann Law in Kingsteignton, England, United Kingdom

My daughter is a single mum of three boys. Her eldest son has cerebral palsy so she has been a carer for him for the last 20 years. After years of struggling he has just finished his 1st year at Falmouth University & doing well. Having a son with a disability has meant years of battling for funding for treatments, education & equipment, so money has always been tight due to the support he has needed. Her youngest son is 7 yrs old & still at primary school.

William, the middle son has severe dyslexia & memory problems. He managed in Primary School with support, but the funding just wasn't available in Senior School for his needs. After a lot of thought & research it was decided that home education was in his best interest as his self confidence was very low. So over the last 4 years my daughter, family & friends have tirelessly educated him & built his confidence back up.
Due to his academic ability, it was never expected that he would be able to go to college, but they heard about a vocational college that specialises in 'animal care' which is exactly what William would like to do as a career. He has been accepted onto the pre-16 course which starts in September 2019 for one year & then onto their 3 year college course. This is a wonderful achievement for William & he is looking forward to this opportunity.
But they have come up against the next problem......travel expenses! For the 3 year college course he will get a funded pass, but for this 1st year they need to find the £500.00 it will cost in bus fees, & they just don't have it. After all the work they have put in, to now  be faced with yet another challenge to get him there.

As you can imagine my daughters life has not been easy, having 2 sons with their own difficulties & amongst all of this she has been trying to retrain to get back to work. So we will be very grateful if anyone can help us to reach this target & make my grandson very happy.

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