Williams " The care home Dog " operation!

Williams " The care home Dog " operation!

Give a 5 to William !William is a Care home Dog which needs our help now !

We did it!

On 30th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £1,690 with 83 supporters in 28 days

This beautiful boy needs your help. He lives in Invernevis House and is loved by all residents and staff. He is a special companion to each and every one of them. Always happy to give a cuddle and cheer them up when they are sad and having a bad day. He is also a great companion during traveling for the residents who attend our Day Care unit. William needs a expensive operation on both his hips. He is on strong pain relief and no matter how sore he is he never shows it and always meets everyone who comes to visit with a friendly welcome. Insurance won't pay out as he was born with this condition, For the first 5 years he was a street dog on Cyprus and then he was lucky enough to be rescued by a wonderful couple from Keith where he had a wonderful home. We can't imagine how our Residents whould feel if they'll loose William one day! They were  devestated when we had to say goodbye to Henry who lived with us around a year... Please help us to raise the money that we need to save our special Boy! 

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